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    Tyco 泰科

    • 詳情
    • 評價


    Tyco 516.022.001 MS302ExTyco 516.830.054  830PC
    Tyco 516.600.006 601F Tyco 516.600.002  601PH
    Tyco 516.600.007 601F-M Tyco 516.600.202  601PH-M
    Tyco 516.600.066 601FEx Tyco 516.600.004  601CH
    Tyco 516.600.067 601FEx-M Tyco 516.600.001  601P
    Tyco 516.800.006 801F Tyco 516.600.201  601P-M
    Tyco 516.800.007 811F Tyco 516.600.033  631H-F
    Tyco 516.800.066 801FExTyco 516.800.530  801PHEx
    Tyco 516.800.067 811FEx Tyco 516.800.531  801CHEx 
    Tyco 517.300.001 MB300Tyco 516.800.532  801HEx 
    Tyco 517.300.002 WH300 Tyco 516.054.011.Y  MR601TEX 
    Tyco 517.300.005 JB300Tyco 516.052.051.Y  MD601EX
    Tyco 517.300.006 MK300 Tyco 516.052.041.Y  MD611EX
    Tyco 517.300.022 CTI300 Tyco 516.061.001.Y  MDU601EX
    Tyco 516.032.001 MS502Ex(MS502/Ex)Tyco 516.600.066   601FEx
    Tyco 514.001.006 CP200A Tyco 516.600.067   601FEx-M 
    Tyco 514.001.009 CP220ExTyco 516.800.500.Y 801PH
    Tyco 514.001.010 CP230 Tyco 516.800.508   811CH
    Tyco 514.001.014 CP230Tyco 516.800.535   811CHEXN
    Tyco 514.001.014 CP270Tyco 516.800.534   811PHEXN
    Tyco 514.001.042.A   CP200 Tyco 516.800.507   811PH
    Tyco 514.001.043 CP210 Tyco 516.800.800   801PC
    Tyco 514.001.049 CP920 Tyco 516.033.001   MD501
    Tyco 514.001.049 CP930Tyco 516.030.001.Y  MF501
    Tyco 514.001.049 CP937 Tyco 516.055.001R  MR901T
    Tyco 514.001.055 CP530Tyco 516.031.002  MR501EX
    Tyco 514.001.060 CP211 Tyco 516.059.001  MU901
    Tyco 514.001.109 MCP220ExTyco 516.050.001  MF601
    Tyco 514.001.110  MCP230 Tyco 516.053.001.Y  MU601
    Tyco 514.001.112 MCP260M Tyco 516.052.001   MD601
    Tyco 514.001.113 MCP250M Tyco 516.056.001  MR601
    Tyco 514.001.114 MCP230 Tyco 516.054.001  MR601T
    Tyco 514.001.114  MCP270 Tyco 516.053.001  MD901
    Tyco 514.001.142 MCP200 Tyco 516.031.001  MR501
    Tyco 514.001.143  MCP210 Tyco 516.031.004  MR501T
    Tyco 514.001.160  MCP211 Tyco 516.800.918   801AP編碼器
    Tyco 514.800.503 CP820Tyco 517.050.042 4B-C 
    Tyco 514.800.505.T CP820M Tyco 517.050.041 4B
    Tyco 514.800.506.T CP830MTyco 517.050.043 4B-I 
    Tyco 514.800.513 CP840Ex Tyco 517.050.051  4B-DHM
    Tyco 514.800.514 CP830Exn Tyco 515.001.119  玻璃片
    Tyco 514.001.142.A  MCP200Tyco 517.001.276  Testifire 2001 
    Tyco 514.001.142.T  MCP200Tyco 517.001.267  Testifire  1001 
    Tyco 514.001.142.Y MCP200Tyco 517.001.237   6xTestifier   TS3
    Tyco 514.001.143.A  MCP210Tyco 517.001.238  6xTestifier   TC3
    Tyco 514.001.143.T  MCP210Tyco 517.001.236  煙熱CO檢測器測試套件
    Tyco 514.001.143.Y  MCP210Tyco 517.001.279  Solo A10s-001
    Tyco 514.001.110.A  MCP230Tyco 517.001.280  Solo A10-001
    Tyco 514.001.110.T  MCP230Tyco 517.001.262  Solo C3
    Tyco 514.001.110.Y MCP230Tyco 517.001.254  Solo 461  
    Tyco 514.800.603.A CP820Tyco 517.001.273  Solo 770 
    Tyco 514.800.603.T CP820 Tyco 517.001.274  Solo 727
    Tyco 514.800.603.Y CP820 Tyco 517.001.240  Solo 200 
    Tyco 514.800.604.A CP830 Tyco 517.001.230  Solo 100
    Tyco 514.800.604.T CP830 Tyco 517.001.275  Solo 108
    Tyco 514.800.604.Y CP830 Tyco 517.001.226  Solo 101
    Tyco 514.800.605.T CP820M Tyco 517.050.054   4B-6A
    Tyco 514.800.606.T CP830M Tyco 557.202.044  PSU 830K
    Tyco 514.800.609 MCP820M Tyco 557.202.030  PSU 830
    Tyco 514.800.610 MCP830M Tyco 557.202.031  PSU 830
    Tyco 514.800.611 MCP820 Tyco 516.800.911  901SB
    Tyco 514.800.612 MCP830Tyco 516.800.910  802SB
    Tyco 515.001.025 CP200 Tyco 516.800.913  812SB
    Tyco 515.001.033 IP036Tyco 576.080.006  P80AVB
    Tyco 515.001.034 STI1230Tyco 576.080.014  P81AVB
    Tyco 515.001.035 STI3150 Tyco 557.080.001  B-CAP 
    Tyco 515.001.036 STI6535 Tyco 557.080.002  A-CON 
    Tyco 516.014.017 H600Tyco 576.080.002  P80SB
    Tyco 516.014.017 H600Tyco 576.080.010  P80AIB
    Tyco 516.014.018 H900Tyco 576.080.001  80DSB
    Tyco 516.014.018 H900Tyco 517.050.614  CW-5B 
    Tyco 516.014.019 H602Tyco 557.202.027   APM800
    Tyco 516.014.019 H602Tyco 555.800.066  BDM800
    Tyco 516.014.020 H902Tyco 555.800.067 BTM800
    Tyco 516.014.020 H902Tyco 555.800.002  CIM800
    Tyco 516.014.021 H601Tyco 555.800.032  CIM800
    Tyco 516.014.021 H601Tyco 577.800.006  DDM800
    Tyco 516.014.025 H604Tyco 577.800.036   DDM800
    Tyco 516.014.025 H604Tyco 577.800.056   DDM800
    Tyco 516.014.026 H904Tyco 557.800.057   DDM800
    Tyco 516.014.026 H904Tyco 555.800.012   DIM800
    Tyco 516.016.005 LD40Tyco 555.800.042   DIM800
    Tyco 516.016.006 LD40Tyco 568.800.004   HVR800
    Tyco 516.016.012 LD40Tyco 568.800.034   HVR800
    Tyco 516.033.011 T4E60X Tyco 545.800.004   LIM800
    Tyco 516.033.012 T4E90XTyco 545.800.033  LIM800
    Tyco 516.033.013 T4E100X Tyco 577.800.011  LPS800
    Tyco 516.033.014 T4E145X Tyco 577.800.041  LPS800
    Tyco 516.052.041 MD611EX Tyco 555.800.001 MIM800
    Tyco 516.052.051 MD601EX Tyco 555.800.070  QMO850
    Tyco 516.053.001 MD901 Tyco 555.800.073  QRM850
    Tyco 516.053.002 912HTyco 568.800.003  RIM800
    Tyco 516.061.001 601EXTyco 568.800.033  RIM800
    Tyco 516.600.003 601H-R Tyco 577.001.023  SB520
    Tyco 516.600.013 601H-FTyco 577.001.033  SB520
    Tyco 516.600.033 631H-FTyco 555.800.063  SIO800
    Tyco 516.600.203 601H-R-MTyco 555.800.064  SIO800
    Tyco 516.600.213 601H-F-MTyco 577.800.005   SNM800
    Tyco 516.600.214 611H-FTyco 577.800.035  SNM800
    Tyco 516.a00.502 801H Tyco 557.180.423  TM520
    Tyco 516.800.509 811H Tyco 555.800.069 TSM800
    Tyco 516.800.513 814H Tyco 516.018.014 VIO800
    Tyco 516.800.532 801HEx Tyco 558.004.011 ELM24TSM 
    Tyco 516.800.536 811HExn Tyco 517.035.007 M520 
    Tyco 516.830.053 830H Tyco 557.201.401 D800
    Tyco 516.850.053 850H Tyco 557.180.097.A   ANC-3
    Tyco 516.850.051  850PHTyco 517.035.011 K2214
    Tyco 516.830.051  830PHTyco 517.035.010 K2142
    Tyco 516.850.055  851PHTyco 517.035.014 8621C
    Tyco 516.850.052  850PTyco 517.035.015 QFB/2
    Tyco 516.830.052  830PTyco 516.850.900   850EMT
    Tyco 516.850.054  850PCTyco 516.800.923   850EMT

    10-102AX-91 IS Short Circuit Isolator
    10-103SRP-16 (PBS1 & PBS2)
    10-104PP-91 Panel Printer (901619201)
    10-1101551B Ionisation Detector
    10-1125551 Thermal Sensor
    10-114Manual Callpoint Addressable c/w LED
    10-115SR2-T Back Box with 2 terminals
    10-116M501M Mini Monitor Module
    10-117M500M Monitoring Module
    10-118M500C Control Module
    10-119SM500 Surface Mount Box
    10-130W1251E Low Profile Ionisation Detector - Analogue
    10-131W2251E Low Profile Optical Detector - Analogue
    10-135DH500 Duct Detector Housing
    10-151PBS1 1 Loop Panel
    10-152PBS2 2 Loop Panel
    10-154PBS4 4 Loop Panel
    10-158PBS8 (PBS-16B2) 8 Loop Panel
    10-160PBS Zonal Indicator c/w Box 100 & 50 Act.
    10-164RSB-4 4 Zone Sounder Card
    10-171M512ME PBS Zonal Interface
    10-172RS-50 Zonal Indicator
    10-1733A Charger (PBS)
    10-174EL24/5-365 PBS 5A Charger
    10-175CN92 RS422 Interface (includes cost of software configuration)
    115.801.06920mm Lock Nut (White)
    120.049.13320mm Cable Gland (White)
    120.415.366NT Fire Detection Controller User Manual (Issue 3)
    120.415.371NT Fire Detection Controller Installation Manual (Issue 1)
    120.415.380NT Fire Detection Controller Commissioning Manual (Issue 1)
    125.005.416Spare Bulbs for MTD24 Timer
    125.023.567Reset Push Button for MTD24 Timer
    125.023.568Isolate Push Button for MTD24 Timer
    125.585.243Printer Interface PCB for AP1042 Printer PCB
    125.585.493T1000 Spare Processor Board (Marine)
    19240410PAM-2 End-of-Line Relay (UK supply)
    19600224Cable Harness - Speaker to Sound Card
    20-100FB/024/R/W 6" 24VDC Electronic Bell Weatherproof (Wormald Branded)
    20-101FB/024/R 6" 24VDC Electronic Bell (Wormald Branded)
    20-105Weatherproof Conduit Box (for use with 576.501.023.T)
    20-112Xenon Beacon Low Profile 24VDC 2W Red
    20-113Xenon Beacon Low Profile 24VDC 5W Red
    20-114Banshee/Bedlam Alarm Sounder and Xenon Alarm Mounting Bracket
    20-118Combined Roshni Sounder Strobe
    20-120Xenon Beacon Low Profile 24VDC 3W Red
    40-101Heavy Duty 24VDC Relay
    40-102Latching Relay 24VDC
    40-103DRU/24B Door Release Unit 24VDC c/w Keeper Plate
    40-104DRU/240B Door Release Unit 240VDC c/w Keeper Plate
    40-105DRU BRKT Floor Mounting Brackets (for 40-103/104)
    507.002.003Programmer Module
    507.002.004Extinguishing Module
    507.002.019Low Voltage Conventional Detector Module
    507.002.020Relay Module
    507.002.022Executive Action Module
    507.002.036Audible Alarm Module Mk2
    507.002.50019" Sub Rack Assembly
    508.013.002T280 Repeater Unit
    508.013.0081620 32 Zone Conventional Repeater
    508.013.0091630 Programmer Unit
    508.013.012T880 Control Unit (Deep)
    508.013.013T880 Control Unit (Shallow)
    508.013.0141610 32 Zone Conventional Controller, Deep Housing
    508.013.0151610 32 Zone Conventional Controller, Shallow Housing
    508.013.016T680 Power Changeover Unit
    508.013.017T881 Control Unit (Deep)
    508.013.018T881 Control Unit (Shallow)
    508.013.020T281 Repeater Unit
    508.013.0211611 8 Zone Conventional Controller, Deep Housing
    508.013.0221611 8 Zone Conventional Controller, Shallow Housing
    508.013.0241621 8 Zone Conventional Repeater, Shallow Housing
    508.013.030T882 Control Unit with PU
    508.013.031T882 Control Unit 24V only
    508.013.0321612 4 Zone Conventional Controller c/w PSU
    508.013.035.TT520 Extinguishing Coincidence Control Panel (requires 24VDC) interfaces to 2 zonal outputs from other conventional or addressable fire panels)
    508.013.036.TT530 4 Zone Fire Detection & Extinguishing Control Panel c/w 240VAC Battery 24VDC PSU (4 conventional detection zones with coincidence on Zone 1/2).
    508.013.038T282 Repeater Unit
    508.013.041T880 Extension Unit (33-64)
    508.013.0421610 Extension 33-64 Zone, Deep Housing
    508.014.0031700 1, 2, 3 Zone Controller with English/Arabic Text Legends
    508.014.011.T1700 2 Aperture Housing & Cover (holds up to 2 modules)
    508.014.0121700 Flush Bezel Kit for Enclosure Type 2
    508.014.013.T1700 3 Aperture Housing & Cover (holds up to 4 modules)
    508.014.0141700 Flush Bezel Kit for Enclosure Type 3
    508.014.015.T1700 5 Aperture Housing & Cover (holds up to 6 modules)
    508.014.0161700 Flush Bezel Kit for Enclosure Type 5
    508.014.0191700 Blanking Plate
    508.014.0201700 Alarm Unit PCB & Display
    508.014.0211700 Alarm Repeater Display
    508.014.0221700 16-Way Repeater Display
    508.014.0231700 4 Zone PCB & Display
    508.014.0241700 8 Zone PCB & Display
    508.014.0251700 Extinguishing PCB & Display
    508.014.0261700 Sector Sounder PCB (allows up to 4 groups of sounders to be activated)
    508.014.0271700 Sounder Extension PCB (additional current 1.5A)
    508.014.0281700 Relay PCB (4 heavy duty relays each with single changeover contact rated 5A @ 30VDC)
    508.014.0291700 Multiplex Transmitter PCB
    508.014.0301700 Multiplex Receiver PCB
    508.014.0311700 External Power Interface PCB
    508.014.0321700 1.5 Amp 240V Power Supply
    508.014.0331700 3.0 Amp 240V Power Supply
    508.014.0341700 Legend Strips (English/Arabic) - Zones 33 to 64
    508.014.0351700 Legend Strips - Blank
    508.014.0361700 1.5 Amp 115V Power Supply
    508.014.0371700 3.0 Amp 115V Power Supply
    508.014.0381700 Installation Kit for 5/8/12 Aperture Housing
    508.014.039.T1700 8 Aperture Housing & Cover (holds up to 10 modules)
    508.014.0401700 Flush Bezel Kit for 8 Aperture Housing
    508.014.041.T1700 12 Aperture Housing & Cover (holds up to 18 modules)
    508.014.0421700 Flush Bezel Kit for 12 Aperture Housing
    508.014.043.T1700 Extinguishing Module & Display c/w Single Aperture Hsg
    508.014.0441700 Extension Cable (10-way)
    508.014.0471700 Installation Kit for 3 Aperture Housing
    508.014.0481700 Coincidence Module PCB Assembly
    508.014.0491700 Multiple Output Module PCB Assembly
    508.014.0521700 Battery Clamp Kit 17AH
    508.014.0531700 Battery Clamp Kit 10AH
    508.014.0541700 Battery Clamp Kit 7AH
    508.014.055System 1700 Spare Key (TOK001) for Extinguishing Module
    508.018.001Minerva 1 Zone Conventional Controller (LPC) with ADT Log Book
    508.018.002Minerva 2 Zone Conventional Controller (LPC) with ADT Log Book
    508.018.004Minerva 4 Zone Conventional Controller (LPC) with ADT Log Book
    508.018.021Minerva 1 Zone Conventional Controller with Thorn Log Book
    508.018.022Minerva 2 Zone Conventional Controller with Thorn Log Book
    508.018.024Minerva 4 Zone Conventional Controller with Thorn Log Book
    508.018.031Minerva 1 Zone Conventional Controller (Arabic)
    508.018.032Minerva 2 Zone Conventional Controller (Arabic)
    508.018.034Minerva 4 Zone Conventional Controller (Arabic)
    508.020.003ThornGraph/MXGraph Standard Monitor 17"
    508.020.004ThornGraph/MXGraph Standard Monitor 20"
    508.020.006ThornGraph/MXGraph 22" Touchscreen (Liyama Touch Pro 510 c/w 5 Year Warranty)
    508.020.007ThornGraph/MXGraph PC for Graphics Terminal (see MS1167 for full specification)
    508.020.101ThornGraph Software Package A for 1 Network Node
    508.020.102ThornGraph Software Package B for 2-5 Network Nodes
    508.020.103ThornGraph Software Package C for 6+ Network Nodes
    508.020.104ThornGraph Software Package D for Additional Graphics Nodes on the same ThornNet
    508.020.201MX Graph Software Package A for 1 Network Node
    508.020.202MX Graph Software Package B for 2-5 Network Nodes
    508.020.203MX Graph Software Package C for 6+ Network Nodes
    508.020.204MX Graph Software Package D for Additional Graphics Nodes on the same ThornNet
    508.021.002XL 2 Zone Conventional Controller
    508.021.004XL 4 Zone Conventional Controller
    508.021.008XL 8 Zone Conventional Controller
    508.022.003Conventional Extinguishing Release Fire Controller (UK)
    508.022.008NT 8 Zone Conventional Fire Controller (U.K.)
    508.022.016NT 16 Zone Conventional Fire Controller (U.K.)
    508.022.035T1008 8 Zone Surface Mount Conventional Fire Controller c/w PSU/Battery Charger. 24VDC or 230VAC operation. IP40. (Marine)
    508.022.036T1016 16 Zone Surface Mount Conventional Fire Controller c/w PSU/Battery Charger. 24VDC or 230VAC operation. IP40. (Marine)
    508.022.037T1008/T1016 8 Zone/16 Zone Surface Mount Conventional Fire Repeater Panel c/w PSU/Battery Charger. 24VDC or 230VAC operation. IP40. (Marine)
    508.022.038NT116R NT Full Function Repeater (UK) (max. 3 per panel)
    508.022.040NT108 UK MAST 8 Zone Master Panel (for use with NT116R Repeater - required until the standard UK panel software is updated to support repeaters)
    508.022.041NT116 UK MAST 16 Zone Master Panel (for use with NT116R Repeater - required until the standard UK panel software is upgraded to support repeaters)
    508.022.201MX Graph Licence - Software Pack A
    508.022.202MX Graph Licence - Software Pack B
    508.022.203MX Graph Licence - Software Pack C
    508.022.204MX Graph Licence - Software Pack D
    508.030.101MXC102PU UK 1/2 zone Standard EN54 Contractors Panel
    508.030.102MXC104PU UK 4 zone standard EN54 Contractors Panel
    508.030.201MXC202PU UK 2 zone Tyco 2-wire EN54 Panel
    508.030.202MXC204PU UK 4 zone Tyco 2-wire EN54 Panel
    508.030.203MXC208PU UK 8 zone EN54 Panel
    508.200.004Water/Flood Control Panel - 1 zone
    508.200.005Water/Flood Control Panel - 2 zon
    508.200.006Water/Flood Control Panel - 4 zone
    508722MSB-6B-PV4 6" Bell, Motor Type, Polarized 30mA, 85dB (UK supply)
    508723MSB-8B-PV4 8" Bell, Motor Type, Polarized 30mA, 85dB (UK supply)
    508724MSB-10B-PV4 10" Bell, Motor Type, Polarized 30mA, 85dB (UK supply)
    509.001.029Spare Key Bulgin SM324/2 for System 1700 Alarm Module (also used for System 1600)
    509.001.046End of Line Resistor 4K7 5W (Each)
    509.002.006750 Blank Panel Assembly
    509.013.001Battery Kit (1600/T880)
    509.013.002T880 Front Cover Assembly
    509.013.0031610 Front Cover Assembly
    509.013.0071630 Front Cover Assembly
    509.013.013Housing Type 1
    509.013.017Terminal Field 'B'
    509.013.0181630 Evacuate PCB (for Programmer)
    509.013.0191630 Sounder Alert PCB (for Programmer)
    509.013.0201630 Control PCB (for Programmer)
    509.013.0211630 Auxiliary PCB (for Programmer)
    509.013.0221630 PCB Motherboard Type "A" (for Programmer)
    509.013.026T680 Spares Kit
    509.013.028T280 Spares Kit
    509.013.031End-of-Line Sounder Circuit (each)
    509.013.032Fuse 20mm 5A (each)
    509.013.033Fuse 20mm 2.5A (each)
    509.013.035Program Diode Pin (each)
    509.013.0421610 32 Zone Electronics PCB Mk 2
    509.013.0461611 8 Zone Electronics PCB
    509.013.048Terminal Field 'A'
    509.013.051T881 Front Cover Assembly
    509.013.052T281 Front Cover Assembly
    509.013.055T880 Spares Kit
    509.013.056T881 Spares Kit
    509.013.057T281 Spares Kit
    509.013.058T680 Earth Leakage Monitor Assembly
    509.013.059Mimic Drive/Zonal Output PCB (1610/T880)
    509.013.061Terminal Field 'E'
    509.013.062Mimic Drive/Zonal Output PCB & Cable (1610/T880)
    509.013.064T882 Terminal Field
    509.013.068T882 Power Unit
    509.013.071Battery Fixing Kit
    509.013.080T88X Spares Kit Short Voyage
    509.013.081T882 Spares Kit
    509.013.082T680 PCB
    509.013.084Connector Kit
    509.013.108T880 Lamp Dim Module
    509.013.1091610 Semi Recessed Bezel - Shallow Housing
    509.013.121T880 Variable Legend Kit
    509.013.122T882 Variable Legend Kit
    509.015.0024311 Processor PCB Assembly
    509.018.001Conventional Minerva Battery Clamp (for use with all 1-4 zone controllers)
    509.018.002Conventional Minerva Semi-Recessed Mounting Bezel Kit (for use with all 1-4 zone controllers)
    509.018.003Conventional Minerva Spare Hinges
    509.018.004Conventional Minerva Spare Key (Box Opening)
    509.018.005Conventional Minerva Log Book - ADT
    509.018.006Active End of Line Unit (use with M600 detectors - not required on XL/NT panels which are supplied with special EOL devices)
    509.018.009Conventional Minerva Log Book - Thorn
    509.018.010Conventional Minerva Gland Cover to hide cable entry to 1-4 zone controllers
    509.018.101Conventional Minerva Spare PSU PCB for 1 zone
    509.018.102Conventional Minerva Spare PSU PCB for 2 zone
    509.018.103Conventional Minerva Spare 4 Zone Control PCB
    509.018.104Conventional Minerva Spare PSU PCB for 4 zone
    509.018.105Conventional Minerva Spare 1 Zone Control PCB
    509.018.106Conventional Minerva Spare 2 Zone Control PCB
    509.019.0598-way Input Expander Card
    509.019.06010-Relay Expander Card
    509.019.06120-Relay Expander Card - Normally Open
    509.019.07720-Relay Expander Card - Normally Cloased
    509.019.080Transmitter/Receiver & Decoder PCB Matched Pair
    509.021.001XL100 Series Spare Commissioning Kit included with XL Panel
    509.021.011XL102/4/8 Spare PSU
    509.021.012XL102/4/8 Spare Main PCB
    509.022.001NT100/T1000 Spare Commissioning Kit included with all panels
    509.022.002NT Spare Expansion PCB Cable for internal connection of NTX-1 to NTX-02/03/04
    509.022.003NT100 4-way Expansion Board supplied fitted to the NTF/NTR controllers, also supports NTX-02/03/04 expansion boards
    509.022.004NT100 16-way Relay Output Board 24VDC 1A (requires 509.022.003)
    509.022.005NT100 16-way Digital Output Driver Board (requires 509.022.003)
    509.022.006NT100 16-way Digital Input Board for use on special NT controller variants only
    509.022.007PRN-01 Optional Integral Printer for use with all NT/T1008/T1016
    509.022.008PRN-02 Spare Printer Paper for use with PRN-01 Printer (Pack of 5)
    509.022.009PRN-03 Spare Printer Ribbon for use with PRN-01 Printer
    509.022.010Spare Power Supply Unit for use with T1008/T1016
    509.022.011NT100 Spare PSU for NT/NTR/NTF variants
    509.022.012T1000 Bulkhead Mounting Kit
    509.022.013NT-BZL NT Flush Mount Bezel
    509.022.014NT-EXT NT 3m Cable Assembly for connection of NTX01 to NTX02/3/4 - typically used for connection to remote NTX02 relay unit
    509.022.016T1016 Processor Board (Marine)
    509.022.021Spare NT108/16 CPU Board V1.3 Software (UK)
    509.022.023Spare NT108/16 CPU Board V1.5 Software (non-UK)
    509.022.024T1000R Processor Board (Marine)
    509.022.031NTF Fireman's Interface PCB Spare
    509.022.032NTR Release User Interface PCB Spare
    509.022.033Spare NT/MTR/NTF Display PCB
    509.022.034Spare NT PSU Plug In Fuse 2 (Pack of 10)
    509.022.035NT116R CPU Board PCB (UK)
    509.030.001MXC IOP Input/Output Expander Card
    510.002.001Cable Assy 125mm Long 32/0.2 Black 5mm Ring Crimp (Both Ends)
    510.002.002Cable Assy 600mm Long 32/0.2 Black 5mm Ring Crimp (One End)
    510.002.003Cable Assy 600mm Long 32/0.2 Red 5mm Ring Crimp (One End)
    510.002.004Cable Assy 600mm Long 24/0.2 Red Receptacle (One End)
    510.002.005Cable Assy 600mm Long 24/0.2 Black Receptacle (One End)
    510.002.006Cable Assy 125mm Long 24/0.2 Black Receptacle (One End)
    510.002.007Battery Link (Fire) White Size 2.5mm Sq - 200mm Crimp (Recp/Recp)
    510.002.008Battery Link (Fire) Red 2.5mm Sq - 600mm Crimp (Recp/Strip)
    510.002.009Battery Link (Fire) Black 2.5mm Sq - 600mm Crimp (Recp/Strip)
    510.002.010Battery Link Heavy Duty White 2.5mm Sq - 1m Crimp (Eyelet/Strip)
    510.002.011Battery Lead Heavy Duty Red 2.5mm Sq - 1m Crimp (Eyelet/Strip)
    510.002.012Battery Lead Heavy Duty Black 2.5mm Sq - 1m Crimp (Eyelet/Strip)
    510.002.016Earth Lead (Fire/Sec) Green/Yellow 2.5mm Sq - 400mm (Eyelet/Eyelet)
    510.002.017Earth Lead (Fire/Sec) Green/Yellow 2.5mm Sq - 200mm (Eyelet/Eyelet)
    514.001.006CP200A Conv. Callpoint Red c/w Back Box (Arabic/English "FIRE" marking) & LED Indicator
    514.001.009CP220EX Conv. Callpoint Intrinsically Safe Weatherproof Red c/w LED Indicator (without back box)
    514.001.010.TCP230 Conv. Callpoint IP67 Weatherproof Red c/w LED Indicator (without back box)
    514.001.012CP260M Conventional Weatherproof Manual Break Glass Fire Alarm Callpoint (ALM) c/w Series Resistor 60/470 Ohm. Single Pole Changeover Switch. Colour Red. Label 'Fire'. (Marine)
    514.001.014CP270 Conv. Callpoint 'Evacuate' Yellow c/w Back Box & LED Indicator
    514.001.017IF500EX Intrinsically Safe Addressable Interface Module may be used to interface simple apparatus switch callpoint to Minerva system
    514.001.022CP530 Addr. Callpoint IP67 Weatherproof Red c/w LED Indicator (without back box)
    514.001.023CP540EX Addr. Callpoint Intrinsically Safe Weatherproof Red (for use with IF500EX) (without back box)
    514.001.042.TCP200 Conv. Callpoint Red c/w LED Indicator (without backbox)
    514.001.043.TCP210 Conv. Callpoint 'Evacuate' Red c/w LED Indicator (without backbox)
    514.001.045CP510 Slave Callpointfor use with CP520 (without back box)
    514.001.046CP520 Addr. Callpoint Red c/w LED Indicator (without backbox)
    514.001.049.TCP920 Addr. Callpoint Red c/w LED Indicator (without backbox)
    514.001.050.TCP930 Addr. Callpoint IP67 Weatherproof Red c/w LED Indicator (without back box)
    514.001.052CP950EX MEDC I.S. Weatherproof Callpoint with Analogue Addr. Module
    514.001.053IF520EX MEDC Heavy Duty I.S. Callpoint with Analogue Addr. Module
    514.001.055SM87BG/CP530 EExd Heavy Duty Alloy Breakglass with Integral CP530 Potted Addressable Module
    514.001.056Spare Glass & O Ring for SM87BG
    514.001.057CP200E Conv. Callpoint with European Fire Symbol & Glass c/w LED Indicator (without back box)
    514.001.058Breakglass Callpoint, Red, GRP material, Weatherproof, IP66/67 (BG3W4LBN)
    514.001.059Breakglass Callpoint, GRP material, Certified EExia IIC T4, IP66/67, ATEX EX II 1G (BG3I4NBN)
    514.001.061Breakglass Callpoint, GRP, Weatherproof marked simple apparatus (BG3W4NBNZ)
    514.001.512Analogue Addressable Potted Module only for use in alternative callpoints or other similar devices
    514.002.002.TKeyswitch White in Callpoint Housing 'Bomb Alarm' (Single Gang)
    514.800.503.TCP820 Addressable Indoor Callpoint (English)
    514.800.504.TCP830 Addressable Outdoor Callpoint (English)
    514.800.505.TCP820M Marine Approved Indoor Callpoint
    514.800.506.TCP830M Marine Approved Weatherproof Callpoint
    514.800.509DIN820 MX Indoor Callpoint
    514.800.510DIN830 MX Outdoor Callpoint
    515.001.003ZF121 Callpoint Glasses (Pack of 10) for service spares. The ZF121 is a square metal fronted AFA Minerva Callpoint typically used on Firefinder, System 1100, ZF/System 1200, CP and CT systems.
    515.001.005Hammer on Chain & Mounting Bracket (for any callpoint)
    515.001.009CP100A Glass Unscored (Pack of 10) for service spares. The CP100 has a large square glass to the edge of the callpoint used on Firefinder, System 1100, ZF/System 1200, CP and CT systems.
    515.001.010Callpoint Glasses (Walsall) (Pack of 10) for service spares. The Walsall Callpoint is an old square callpoint with round glass.
    515.001.014Glass for CP200/500/900 Callpoint (Arabic) (Pack of 5)
    515.001.015.TGlass for CP200/500/900 Callpoint (English) c/w Thorn Logo (Pack of 5)
    515.001.016CP200 Flush Mount Bezel
    515.001.021Red Surface Mounting Back Box for CP200/500/900 Callpoints
    515.001.024Glass for CP200/500/900 Callpoint (Arabic/English) c/w Thorn Logo (Pack of 5)
    515.001.025Glass for CP200/500/900 (English) w/o Logo (Pack of 5)
    515.001.026Callpoint Bezel Black for CP200/500/900
    515.001.027Deformable Operating Unit with English Text (instead of glass)
    515.001.028Hinged Cover (for CP200/900 Series Callpoints)
    515.001.029STI6530 Red Stopper - Flush Mounted (provides protection from malicious or accidental activation of manual callpoints)
    515.001.030STI6531 Red Stopper - Surface Mounted (provides protection from malicious or accidental activation of manual callpoints)
    515.001.031STI6532 Red Stopper c/w Sounder - Flush Mounted (protection protection from malicious or accidental activation of manual callpoints. High pitch sounder is activated when the lid is lifted.)
    515.001.032STI6533 Red Stopper c/w Sounder - Surface Mounted (provides protection from malicious or accidental activation of manual callpoints. High pitch sounder is activated when the lid is lifted.)
    515.001.033IPO36 Break Seal Kit (provides extra protection, but only after consultation with the local fire authorities)
    515.001.034STI1230 Red Stopper II - Surface Mounted (extends the number of products to which the cover can protect)
    515.001.035STI3150 Red Weather Stopper II - Surface Mounted (extends the life of weather exposed devices, such as break glass callpoints, by offering protection against harsh conditions and environments. Also guards against tampering, vandalism or accidental operation of devices such as emergency switches.)
    515.001.036STI6535 Red Weather Stopper - Surface Mounted (extends the life of weather exposed devices, such as break glass callpoints, by offering protection against harsh conditions and environments. Also guards against tampering, vandalism or accidental operation of devices such as emergency switches.)
    515.001.037STI6400 Red Exit Stopper (to protect and deter the unauthorised use of emergency exit doors. If the door is opened the Stopper activates a 110dB electronic sounder. A key operated over-ride facility is incorporated into the front of the unit, which will allow authorised use of the emergency door. For installation on wooden, glass or metal doors. Unit is provided complete with low battery warning, automatic reset facility, a choice of steady pulsating tones, a 9V long life alkaline battery and installation pack.)
    515.001.038STI6200 Extinguisher Stopper (used to stop vandalism, misuse or theft. The device incorporates a unique and patented steel cable operated switch mechanism, which activates a piercing alarm when the extinguisher is removed from its normal position. One end of the operating cable is crimped and secured around the neck of the extinguisher and inserted into the alarm unit. If the operating cable is detached from the unit a 10dB sounder is activated.)
    515.001.039CO23 Spare Key for Exit Stopper
    515.001.041Spare Key for IF520EX Callpoint and other SM87PB based callpoints
    515.001.042STI6205 Operating Cable Kit
    515.001.043STI6720 Keybox with Printed Glass
    515453612H Heat Detector Head, 135° Fixed Temperature & Rate of Rise (UL listed)
    515454622H Heat Detector Head, 135° Fixed Temperature (UL listed)
    515455632H Heat Detector Head, 200° Fixed Temperature (UL listed)
    515456612I Ionization Detector Head, Conventional (UL listed)
    515457612P Photoelectronic Detector Head, Conventional (UL listed)
    515458612HP High Performance Photoelectronic Smoke Detector Head, Conventional (UL listed)
    515461MD912 Anal. Addr. Fixed/Rate of Rise Heat Detector (UL listed)
    515462MF912 Anal. Addr. Ionisation Chamber Detector (UL listed)
    515463MR912 Anal. Addr. Optical Detector (UL listed)
    515464MR912T Anal. Addr. High Performance Optical Detector (UL listed)
    5154674B 4", 2-wire, Low Profile Detector Base (Grinnell branded) 
    5154686B, 6", 2-wire, Low Profile Detector Base with Remote LED Output
    515472900K Detector Address Key (Pack of 10)
    515473600/900SA Detector Line Shorting Adaptor Troubleshooting Tool
    515474900HP Detector Hand Held Address Key Programmer
    515475900CP Detector Consys Address Key Programmer
    515476600/900LK Detector Head Locking Kit (Pack of 100)
    515478600/900IXT Detector Head Insertion/Extraction Tool
    515479600/900DG Detector Guard Protective Cage
    515484FireRay 2000 Spare Transmitter
    515485FireRay 2000 Spare Receiver
    515487FireRay 2000 Spare Main PCB
    515590600RBA Relay Base Assembly (UL approved)
    515591900RBA Relay Base Assembly (UL approved)
    516.009.003Infrascan Mk 6 Flame Detector
    516.009.006S111 Infra-Red Flame Detector Solar Blind c/w Bracket (Plug & Socket Connection)
    516.009.007S112 Infra-Red Flame Detector Non-Solar Blind c/w Bracket (Plug & Socket Connection)
    516.009.008S121 Infra-Red Flame Detector Solar Blind c/w Bracket (Screw Terminal Connections)
    516.009.014S121 Pyrotronics Infra-Red Flame Detector Solar Blind c/w Bracket (Screw Terminal Connections) (FM approved)
    516.009.015S122 Infra-Red Flame Detector Non-Solar Blind c/w Bracket (Screw Terminal Connections)
    516.009.019S122 Pyrotronics Infra-Red Flame Detector Non-Solar Blind c/w Bracket (Screw Terminal Connections)
    516.009.022S161 Infra-Red Flame Detector Solar Blind c/w Built-In I.S. Isolation Area (Requires Bracket)
    516.009.023S131 Infra-Red Flame Detector Solar Blind (Requires Bracket)
    516.009.028S131 Pyrotronics Infra-Red Flame Detector Solar Blind (Requires Bracket)
    516.010.003Infrastat Mk 6 Flame Detector
    516.014.017H600 (60°) Fixed Temperature Heat Detector
    516.014.018H900 (90°) Fixed Temperature Heat Detector
    516.014.019H602 (60°) Fixed Temperature Heat Detector c/w Local Indicator
    516.014.020H902 (90°) Fixed Temperature Heat Detector c/w Local Indicator
    516.014.021H601 (60°) Fixed Temperature Heat Detector c/w Remote Indicator
    516.014.025H604 (60°) Fixed Temperature Heat Detector c/w Local Indicator
    516.014.026H904 (90°) Fixed Temperature Heat Detector c/w Local Indicator
    516.015.002RD1401 Split Optical Beam Type Fire Detector (per Set)
    516.015.006.TFireRay 2000 Optical Beam Smoke Detector (UL listed) (VdS approved)
    516.015.007FireRay 2000 Retro-Reflector
    516.015.008FireRay 2000 Alignment Tool
    516.015.009STI9625 Smoke Beam/CCTV Guard (to protect projected beam detectors or CCTV cameras from vandalism or accidental damage)
    516.015.011FireRay 50R 5-50 metre Reflective Beam Smoke Detector 12V-24VDC
    516.015.012FireRay 100R 50-100 metre Reflective Beam Smoke Detector 12V-24VDC
    516.016.005High Resistance Sensor Cable (Blue) (200m Reel)
    516.016.006High Resistance Sensor Cable (Black) (200m Reel)
    516.016.007High Resistance Sensor Cable (Bronze-Braided) (200m Reel)
    516.016.010LD40 Sensor/Analyser End of Line Termination Kit (Each)
    516.016.011LD40 Sensor Cable - In Line Jointing Kit (Each)
    516.016.012LD40 Analyser Module with Conventional Detection Zone Interface (requires DM520 to interface to Minerva/TFX Addr. Loops)
    516.016.101MXF100 Fibre Optic Linear Heat Detection System for up to 2km of fibre. Provides up to 100 alarm thresholds via Modbus or relay outputs (32) - requires 24VDC
    516.016.102MXF-ACS 62.5/125 Single Strand Acrylate coated Multi-Mode Fibre Optic Cable (supplied in 1km reel) for use with MXF-100 (priced per metre)
    516.016.103MXF-ACS 62.5/125 Single Strand Ribbon/Dog-Bone Acrylate coated Multi-Mode Fibre Optic Cable (supplied in 1km reel) for use with MXF-100 (priced per metre)
    516.016.104MXF-ACS 62.5/125 Single Strand Stainless Steel Multi-Mode Fibre Optic Cable (supplied in 1km reel) for use with MXF-100 (priced per metre)
    516.017.003VESDA E70D Detector Unit (Complete)
    516.017.011Hart UNI 100 - 0.1% 24VDC
    516.017.012Hart UNI 1000 - 0.1% c/w PSU
    516.017.013Hart UNI 200 - 0.2% 24VDC
    516.017.014Hart UNI 200 - 0.4% 24VDC
    516.017.015Hart UNI 2000 - 0.2% c/w PSU
    516.017.016Hart UNI 2000 - 0.4% c/w PSU
    516.017.017Hart Localaser 100 - 0.1% 24VD
    516.017.018Hart 0.1% Detector 100 Spare
    516.017.019Hart 0.2% Detector 200 Spare
    516.017.020Hart 0.4% Detector 200 Spare
    516.018.001VLP-012 LaserPlus Detector & Programmer & Display
    516.018.002VLP-002 LaserPlus Detector & Display
    516.018.003VLP-000 LaserPlus Detector
    516.018.004VLS-014 FD7 Scanner & Programmer & Display
    516.018.005VLS-004 FD7 Scanner & Display
    516.018.006VLS-000 FD7 Scanner
    516.018.007VLS-314 FD12 Scanner & Programmer & Display
    516.018.008VLS-304 FD12 Scanner & Display
    516.018.009VLS-300 FD12 Scanner
    516.018.010VLC-500-RO LaserCompact, Relay Version (interfaces via relays only)
    516.018.011VLC-505-VN LaserCompact, VesdaNET Version (interfaces across either the relays or VESDAnet)
    516.018.013VLP-400 LaserPlus Detector with FOK LED
    516.018.016VLS-600 FD7 LaserPlus Scanner with FOK LED
    516.018.019VLS-700 FD12 LaserPlus Scanner with FOK LED
    516.018.101VRT-100 Remote Programmer
    516.018.102VRT-200 Remote Display (including relays)
    516.018.103VRT-300 Remote VESDAnet Socket
    516.018.104VRT-400 Remote Scan Display (including relays)
    516.018.105Blank Remote Unit with 7-Relays (VRT-500)
    516.018.106Remote Detector Display - No Relays (VRT-600)
    516.018.107Remote Scanner Display - No Relays (VRT-700)
    516.018.108Remote Scanner Display with 12-Relays (VRT-800)
    516.018.109Blank Remote Unit with 12-Relays (VRT-800)
    516.018.110Spare Remote Housing (VRT-000)
    516.018.114VRT-E00 Blank Scanner Remote Unit with 7 relays
    516.018.119VRT-J00 Laser Compact Remote Display c/w 7 relays
    516.018.120VRT-K00 Laser Compact Remote Display with no relays
    516.018.20119" Subrack Single Display (3 blanks) (VSR-2000)
    516.018.20219" Subrack Single Display & Programmer (2 blanks) (VSR-2100)
    516.018.20319" Subrack Two Displays & Programmer (1 blank) (VSR-2210)
    516.018.20419" Subrack Three Displays & Programmer (VSR-2221)
    516.018.20519" Subrack Three Displays & VESDAnet Socket (VSR-2223)
    516.018.20619" Subrack Four Displays (VSR-2222)
    516.018.207VSR-2JAO 19" Sub-Rack with Detector Display, Compact Display and Programmer
    516.018.210Custom Sub-Rack Housing includes cost of Custom Building 4
    516.018.214VSU-E Blank Scanner Sub-Unit with 7 Interface Relays for Custom Sub-Racks
    516.018.219VSU-J Laser Compact Display Sub-Unit with 7 relays for ordering in custom sub-racks
    516.018.220VSU-K Laser Compact Display Sub-Unit with interface relays for use in custom sub-racks
    516.018.25119" Subrack Single Scanner Display (3 blanks) (VSR-4000)
    516.018.25219" Subrack Single Scanner Display & Programmer (2 blanks) (VSR-4100)
    516.018.25319" Subrack Two Scanner Displays & Programmer (1 blank) (VSR-4410)
    516.018.25419" Subrack Three Scanner Displays & Programmer (VSR-4441)
    516.018.25519" Subrack Three Scanner Displays & VESDAnet Socket (VSR-4443)
    516.018.25619" Subrack Four Scanner Displays (VSR-4444)
    516.018.260Blank Sub Unit (VSU-0)
    516.018.261Programmer Sub Unit (VSU-1)
    516.018.262Detector Display Sub Unit with 7-Relays (VSU-2)
    516.018.263VesdaNet Socket Sub Unit (VSU-3)
    516.018.264Scanner Display Sub Unit with 7-Relays (VSU-4)
    516.018.265Blank Sub Unit with 7-Relays (VSU-5)
    516.018.266Detector Display Sub Unit No Relays (VSU-6)
    516.018.267Scanner Display Sub Unit No Relays (VSU-7)
    516.018.268Scanner Display Sub Unit with 12-Relays (VSU-8)
    516.018.269Blank Display Sub Unit with 12-Relays (VSU-9)
    516.018.30119" Rack Enclosure (2 rows) (020-052)
    516.018.30219" Rack Enclosure (5 rows) (020-055)
    516.018.303IP65 Enclosure (020-050)
    516.018.304149-021 Single Row 19" Blanking Plate for use with 516.018.301 and 516.018.302 Rack Enclosures
    516.018.401Hand Held Programmer plus Leads (VHH-100)
    516.018.402PC Link HL1 plus Leads (VHX-010)
    516.018.403PC Configurator Software (VSW-004)
    516.018.404Aspire (DOS) Software (VSW-002)
    516.018.405VSW-005 Vconfig-Pro Configuration Software
    516.018.407VESDA 24VDC 2A Power Supply and Charger
    516.018.501Display (Spare) (VSP-002)
    516.018.502Scanner Display (Spare) (VSP-004)
    516.018.503Programmer (Spare) (VSP-001)
    516.018.504Filter Cartridge (Spare) (VSP-005)
    516.018.505Filter Cover Door (Spare) (VSP-019)
    516.018.506Spare Detector Chassis & Manifold (VSP-006)
    516.018.508Spare Remote Termination Card 7-Relays (VSP-008)
    516.018.509Spare Scanner Chassis & Manifold (VSP-009)
    516.018.513Spare Plastic Detector Cover (VSP-013)
    516.018.514Spare Header Termination Card 7-Relays (VSP-014)
    516.018.515Spare Aspirator Fan (VSP-015)
    516.018.530Spare Blank Plate for FOK Models (VSP-100)
    516.018.532Spare Detector Relay Processor (VSP-102)
    516.018.533Spare Scanner Relay Processor (VSP-103)
    516.018.534Spare Blank Cover (VSP-200)
    516.018.535Spare VesdaNet Kit (VSP-003)
    516.018.536Spare Remote Termination Card 12-Relay (VSP-208)
    516.018.901VESDA 25mm Pipe (3 metre length) (Pack of 10)
    516.018.902VESDA 25mm Socket (Pack of 10)
    516.018.903VESDA 25mm Socket Union
    516.018.904VESDA 25mm 90° Long Radius Bend (Pack of 5)
    516.018.905VESDA 25mm 45° Elbow (Pack of 5)
    516.018.906VESDA 25mm End Cap (Pack of 5)
    516.018.907VESDA 25mm Equal Tee (Pack of 5)
    516.018.908VESDA 25mm Pipe Clip (Pack of 10)
    516.018.909VESDA 25mm to 3/4" Socket Adaptor (Pack of 5)
    516.018.910VESDA Solvent Cement (0.25 litre)
    516.018.911VESDA 8mm Capillary Tube Conical Sample Point Assembly (25mm Socket Connector 2m Capillary Tube)
    516.018.912VESDA 8mm Capillary Tube Flush Sample Point Assembly (25mm Socket Connector 2m Capillary Tube)
    516.018.915VESDA 8mm OD Capillary Pipe 30m length
    516.018.918VESDA Pipe Cutters
    516.018.920VESDA Pipe Ties (Pack of 100)
    516.020.001MF301L Ionisation Chamber Detector - Low Sensitivity
    516.020.002MF301 Ionisation Chamber Detector - Normal Sensitivity
    516.020.003MF301EX Ionisation Chamber Detector - Intrinsically Safe
    516.020.004MF301D Ionisation Chamber Detector - Delayed Response
    516.020.005MF301H Ionisation Chamber Detector - High Sensitivity
    516.020.006MF301DH Ionisation Chamber Detector - Delayed Response/High Sensitivity
    516.021.001MR301L Optical Detector - Low Sensitivity
    516.021.002MR301 Optical Detector - Normal Sensitivity
    516.021.003MR301EX Optical Detector - Intrinsically Safe
    516.021.004MR301H Optical Detector - High Sensitivity
    516.021.007MR301T High Performance Optical Detector - Normal Sens.
    516.021.008MR301TEX High Performance Optical Detector - Intrin. Safe
    516.021.009MR301TA High Performance Optical Detector (LPCB Approved)
    516.022.001MS302EX Infra-Red Flame Detector
    516.023.001MD301 Heat Detector Rate of Rise
    516.023.002MD301EX Heat Detector Rate of Rise Grade 1 - Intrinsically Safe
    516.023.003MD303 Heat Detector Rate of Rise Grade 3
    516.023.004MD303EX Heat Detector Rate of Rise Grade 3 - Intrinsically Safe
    516.023.005MD305 Heat Detector High Temperature (Temperature Range 2)
    516.023.006MD305EX Detector High Temperature
    516.024.001MD311 Heat Detector Fixed Temperature 60°
    516.024.002MD312 Heat Detector Fixed Temperature 90°
    516.030.001MF501 Ionisation Chamber Sensor - Analogue Addressable
    516.030.002MF501EX Ionisation Chamber Sensor - Anal. Addr. - Intrin. Safe
    516.031.001MR501 Optical Sensor - Analogue Addressable
    516.031.002MR501EX Optical Sensor - Analogue Addressable - Intrin. Safe
    516.031.004MR501T High Performance Optical Detector - Analogue Addr.
    516.031.005MR501TEX High Perf. Optical Detector - Anal. Addr. - Intrin. Safe
    516.031.006MR501TA High Perf. Optical Detector - Anal. Addr. (LPCB Appr.)
    516.032.001MS502EX Infra-Red Addressable Sensor
    516.033.001MD501 Heat Rate of Rise Sensor - Analogue Addressable
    516.033.002MD501EX Heat Rate of Rise Sensor - Anal. Addr. - Intrin. Safe
    516.033.011T4E60X Point Type Heat Detector 60° Probe (Stainless Steel)
    516.033.012T4E90X Point Type Heat Detector 90° Probe (Stainless Steel)
    516.033.013T4E100X Point Type Heat Detector 100° Probe (Stainless Steel)
    516.033.014T4E145X Point Type Heat Detector 145° Probe (Stainless Steel)
    516.037.003S231f+ Triple IR Flame Detector with Conventional Circuit (Flameproof Housing)
    516.037.004S231i+ Triple IR Flame Detector Conventional Circuit (Intrinsically Safe)
    516.037.015S232f+ Triple IR Channel IR Flame Detector with Conventional Detection Zone Interface (Flameproof) (FM approved)
    516.038.003S241f+ Triple IR Flame Detector with 4/20mA Interface (Flameproof Housing)
    516.038.004S241i+ Triple IR Flame Detector with 4/20mA Interface (Intrinsically Safe)
    516.039.003S251f+ Triple IR Flame Detector with Analogue Addressable Interface (Flameproof Housing)
    516.039.004S251i+ Triple IR Flame Detector with Analogue Addressable Interface (Intrinsically Safe)
    516.039.015S252f+ Triple IR Flame Detector with Analogue Addressable Interface (Flameproof) (FM approved)
    516.040.002S261f+ Triple IR Flame Detector with Relay Outputs (Flameproof Housing)
    516.040.012S262f+ Triple IR Flame Detector with Alarm and Fault Relay Output Interface (Flameproof) (FM approved)
    516.041.003S271f+ Triple IR Addressable Infra-Red Flame Detector
    516.050.001.TMF601 Conventional Ionisation Chamber Detector (LPCB Approved)
    516.050.031MF612 Conventional Ionisation Chamber Detector (UL Approved)
    516.050.041MF613 Conventional Ionisation Chamber Detector (VdS Approved)
    516.050.401MF601M Low Profile Conventional Ion Chamber Smoke Detector c/w Integral LED Indicator (Marine)
    516.051.001.TMF901 Anal. Addr. Ionisation Chamber Detector (LPCB Approved)
    516.051.031MF912 Anal. Addr. Ionisation Chamber Detector (UL Approved)
    516.051.401MF901M Low Profile Analogue Addressable Ion Chamber Smoke Detector c/w Integral LED Indicator (Marine)
    516.052.001.TMD601 Conventional Heat Detector Grade 1 Rate of Rise (LPCB Approved)
    516.052.011.TMD611 Conventional Heat Detector Fixed 60° & Grade 2 Rate of Rise (LPCB Approved)
    516.052.013MD613 Conventional Heat Detector Grade 1 Rate of Rise (VdS Approved)
    516.052.022MD632 Conventional Heat Detector Fixed 200°F (UL Approved)
    516.052.031MD612 Conventional Heat Detector 135°F Rate of Rise (UL Approved)
    516.052.032MD622 Conventional Heat Detector Fixed 135°F (UL Approved)
    516.052.033MD623 Conventional Heat Detector Fixed 60° & Grade 2 Rate of Rise (VdS Approved)
    516.052.401MD601M Low Profile Conventional Combined ROR and Fixed Heat Detector c/w Integral LED Indicator (Grade 160°C) (Marine)
    516.053.001.TMD901 Anal. Addr. Fixed/Rate of Rise Heat Detector (LPCB Approved)
    516.053.002MD912 Anal. Addr. Fixed/Rate of Rise Heat Detector (UL Approved)
    516.053.401MD901M Low Profile Analogue Addressable Heat Detector c/w Integral LED Indicator (Marine)
    516.054.001.TMR601T Conventional High Performance Optical Detector (LPCB Approved)
    516.054.031MR612HP Conventional High Performance Photoelectric Smoke Detector (UL Approved)
    516.054.041MR613 Conventional Optical Detector (VdS Approved)
    516.054.042MR613T Conventional High Performance Optical Detector (VdS Approved)
    516.055.001.BMR901T Anal. Addr. High Performance Optical Detector - Black (LPCB Approved)
    516.055.001.TMR901T Anal. Addr. High Performance Optical Detector (LPCB Approved)
    516.055.031MF912T Anal. Addr. High Performance Photoelectric Smoke Detector (UL Approved)
    516.056.001.TMR601 Conventional Optical Detector (LPCB Approved)
    516.056.031MR612 Conventional Photoelectric Smoke Detector (UL Approved)
    516.056.401MR601M Low Profile Conventional Optical Smoke Detector c/w Integral LED Indicator (Marine)
    516.057.001.TMR901 Anal. Addr. Optical Detector (LPCB Approved)
    516.057.031MR912 Anal. Addr. Optical Detector (UL Approved)
    516.057.401MR901M Low Profile Analogue Addressable Optical Smoke Detector c/w Integral LED Indicator (Marine)
    516.058.001.TMU601 Conventional Carbon Monoxide Detector
    516.059.001.TMU901 Anal. Addr. Carbon Monoxide Detector
    516.060.001Model 4651045 Swivel Mounting Bracket, Aluminium Construction (Black)
    516.060.002Model 70991 Swivel Mounting Bracket, Stainless Steel Construction
    516.060.003Stratos Rep. Dust Separator
    516.060.021S860 UV/IR Flame Detector with Self Test, Stainless Steel, 3/4" Standard Connection (requires bracket)
    516.060.022S860 UV/IR Flame Detector with Self Test, Aluminium, 3/4" Standard Connection, Yellow finish (requires bracket) (Yellow Finish)
    516.060.025S660 UV Flame Detector with Self-Test, Stainless Steel, 3/4" Standard Connection (requires bracket)
    516.060.026S660 UV Flame Detector with Self-Test, Aluminium, 3/4" Standard Connection, Yellow Finish (requires bracket)
    516.100.013Gas Detection Test/Calib. Gas 20L Methane Gas c/w Valve/Tube
    516.100.014Gas Detection 20L Methane Filled Gas Can
    516.130.010Ionisation Detector
    516.131.010Optical Detector
    516.132.010CO Detector
    516.133.010Fixed Temperature Heat Detector
    516.134.010Rate of Rise Heat Detector
    516.200.004SPS/V Vertical Mounting Probe Sensor c/w Cover
    516.200.005Spare Protective Cover for Probe Detector
    516.200.006SFD Sensor Pad Face Down
    516.200.007SFD/C Cover for Sensor Pad Face Down
    516.200.010CD/5 5 metre length of sensing cable
    516.200.011CD/10 10 metre length of sensing cable
    516.200.012SOL Start of Line for Sensing Cable
    516.200.013EOL End of Line for Sensing Cable
    516.200.014FF1 Sensing Cable Fixing Clips
    516.200.015CDT Sensing Cable Indentification Tags (for DETEK Water Leak Detection Panels)
    516.200.016SFU Sensor Pad Face Up
    516.800.500.T801PH Multi-Sensor Photo-Optical Smoke & Heat Detector
    516.800.501.T801CH Multi-Sensor CO Fire & Heat Detector
    516.800.502.T801H Heat Detector
    516.800.507811PH MX Photo Plus Heat Detector
    516.800.508811CH MX Co Plus Heat Detector
    516.800.509811H MX Heat Detector
    516.800.515.T801I Ionisation Smoke Detector
    516.800.903801IB MX Detector Isolator Base
    516.800.905801RB MX Programmable Relay Base
    516.800.907801SB MX Loop Powered Sounder Base
    516.800.908801RIL Remote Indication LED
    516.800.909801HL Indication Lamp
    516.800.915800 Series MX Address Flags (Pack of 100)
    516.800.917800RT Removal Tool
    516.800.918801AP MX Service Tool (English)
    516.800.921800EM Mounted Base
    516.800.922Spare Ancillary Programming Lead
    516.800.924Ancillary Lead Spare Pins (Bag of 10)
    516.800.926MX Service PMS Software Key and MX Service Download Lead & Convertor (Parallel Port)
    516.800.927MX Service PMS Software Key and MX Service Download Lead & Convertor (USB)
    516.800.928AVRISP-02 MX PMS Programming Lead
    516.800.931Address Flag Labels Loop A - White
    516.800.932Address Flag Labels Loop B - Yellow
    516.800.933Address Flag Labels Loop C - Purple
    516.800.934Address Flag Labels Loop D - Green
    516.900.905801RB Relay Base
    517.001.035DP450 Probe Tube (0.45m) includes Exhaust Tube
    517.001.036DP600 Probe Tube (0.6m) includes Exhaust Tube
    517.001.037DP750 Probe Tube (0.75m) includes Exhaust Tube
    517.001.038DP900 Probe Tube (0.9m) includes Exhaust Tube
    517.001.039DP1200 Probe Tube (1.2m) includes Exhaust Tube
    517.001.040DP1500 Probe Tube (1.5m) includes Exhaust Tube
    517.001.120EOL Units 5.1K 0.5W Metal Film (Pack of 10) (for System 601)
    517.001.130DHM8 Deckhead Mounting Assembly (for H-Series Detectors)
    517.001.181DHM7 Earthing Strip
    517.001.182T480 Muster Alarm Unit (Marine)
    517.001.184Detector Bracket Assembly (for use with all S100/200 Series Detectors)
    517.001.1964-way Galvanic Barrier Housing
    517.001.1978-way Galvanic Barrier Housing
    517.001.1982-way Zener Barrier Housing
    517.001.1995-way Zener Barrier Housing
    517.001.20012-way Zener Barrier Housing
    517.001.201MTL728 Single Channel Zener Diode Safety Barrier (for Conventional Loops)
    517.001.202MTL788 Dual Channel Zener Diode Safety Barrier (for Conventional/Addressable systems)
    517.001.203MTL3021 Galvanically Isolation Safety Barrier - Intrinsically Safe
    517.001.204MTL3043 Galvanically Isolation Safety Barrier - Intrinsically Safe
    517.001.205ERL7 Earth Rail I.S. Systems (1m)
    517.001.206ETM7 Earth Terminal Connectors I.S. Systems
    517.001.207IMB7 Insulating Mounting Block I.S. Systems
    517.001.209Aerosol Test Adaptor (for M300/500 Detectors) suitable for old pole sets only
    517.001.216EBB7 Earth Bus Bar
    517.001.217End of Line Unit for M300CI
    517.001.224Solo 704 : Adaptor Tube B adapts Solo 100/101 Pole Sets for Changers & Testers
    517.001.226Solo 101 : Extension Pole 1.13m connects to 517.001.230 pole
    517.001.227Solo 702 : Adaptor Tube C to connect new Solo 302 to old pole sets
    517.001.228Solo 600 : Carry All Bag for Detector Test Kit
    517.001.229Suretest Solo Aerosol Tester Can use with Solo 302 dispenser - non-flammable, ozone and environment friendly, approx. 200 tests per can
    517.001.230Solo 100 : Telescopic Extension Pole Set 1.26m to 4.5m
    517.001.231DHM69 Deckhead Mounting for M600/900 & M300/500 Series Detectors
    517.001.233MU Test Kit & Carry Case
    517.001.234MU Test Bricks (24)
    517.001.240Solo 200 : Universal Detector Changer (not for M600/900 Detectors) connects directly to Solo 100/101
    517.001.242Solo 720 : Spare Battery Baton (for Solo 450)
    517.001.243Solo 721 : Spare Mains/Car Battery Charger (for Solo 720)
    517.001.244MTL5061 2-Channel Galvanic Isolator for Conventional Detector Zone
    517.001.245MTL5021 I.S. Sounder Driver
    517.001.246MTL7128+ Zener Safety Barrier for
    517.001.247DX170 Enclosure for MTL5000/7000 Barriers (10 x 5000 or 22 x 7000)
    517.001.248DX070 Enclosure for MTL5000/7000 Barriers (4 x 5000 or 9 x 7000)
    517.001.254Cordless Heat Detector Tester Kit (includes 1 x Cordless Heat Detector Tester, 2 x Battery Batons and 1 x Universal Battery Charger)
    517.001.255Solo 302 : Aerosol Dispenser connects directly to Solo 100/101 for use with all detector ranges
    517.001.257Cordless Heat Detector Tester Head Unit (contained within 517.001.254)
    517.001.258110V/120V Heat Detector Tester
    517.017.002VESDA E70 Aspirator Pump
    517.017.005VESDA Sampling Point Label
    517.017.006VESDA Aspirating Pipe Label
    517.017.007VESDA E700 Interchangeable Foam Filter
    517.017.008VESDA E700 Filter Housing
    517.025.001M300 Mounting Base
    517.025.002M300EX Mounting Base - Intrinsically Safe
    517.025.005M300CI Mounting Base
    517.025.007M300 Active End of Line Base
    517.025.010M300/M500 Base Locking Kit (10 Base Locks & 1 Key)
    517.025.011M300 Continuity Plug
    517.025.021MP35 Duct Probe Unit for M300/500 Series Detectors
    517.025.022MB35 Recess Flush Mount Base & Bezel c/w 3 x 20mm K/O Cable Entries
    517.025.026T35 Skirt Changer Tool for use with M300/500 Detectors - requires Adaptor B and Solo 100 Pole
    517.025.027SMP35 Duct Probe Unit Stainless Steel for M300/500 Detectors
    517.025.028DPS450 Duct Probe Tube Stainless Steel 450mm & Exhaust
    517.025.029DPS600 Duct Probe Tube Stainless Steel 600mm & Exhaust
    517.025.030DPS750 Duct Probe Tube Stainless Steel 750mm & Exhaust
    517.025.031DPS900 Duct Probe Tube Stainless Steel 900mm & Exhaust
    517.025.032DPS1200 Duct Probe Tube Stainless Steel 1200mm & Exhaust
    517.025.033DPS1500 Duct Probe Tube Stainless Steel 1500mm & Exhaust
    517.025.034Detector Dust Cap
    517.025.035SMP69 Duct Probe Unit & Base Stainless Steel (for M600/900 Series Detectors)
    517.025.036MP69 Duct Probe Unit & Base (for M600/900 Series Detectors)
    517.025.040Attachment Tubes and Adaptor (for use with Manometer)
    517.035.001M500 Mounting Base (Addressable Systems)
    517.035.002M500EX Mounting Base (Addressable Systems) - Intrin. Safe
    517.035.006M500 Protective Cover
    517.035.007M520 Ancillary Unit Cover (for M520 modules)
    517.035.010K2142 Plastic Double Gang Surface Mount Back Box (for M520 modules)
    517.035.011K2214 Steel Double Gang Surface Mount Back Box c/w 7 x 20mm knockouts (for M520 modules)
    517.035.012DM520 Conventional Detector Module (allows 1 conv. Detection zone to be interfaced to the loop)
    517.035.014862 IC Flush Steel Double Gang Back Box c/w Knockouts
    517.035.015QFB/-2 Plastic Dry Line Double Gang Back Box
    517.035.017MDM521 Multi Circuit Conventional Detector Module (for up to 8 conv. zones)
    517.035.018DM520 Detector Module (pre-assembled with plastic front cover)
    517.050.001M600/900 4" Universal Base Assembly
    517.050.001.BM600/900 4" Universal Base Assembly - Black
    517.050.002.TSA600/900 Line Shorting Adaptor connects to M600/900 base in place of detector
    517.050.003.TCA600 Line Continuity Adaptor connects to M600/900 base in place of detector
    517.050.004M69 Detector Head Changer Tool requires Adaptor B and Solo 100 Pole
    517.050.005M600/900 Detector Locking Pins (Pack of 100)
    517.050.007M600 Diode Continuity Mounting Base (for conventional detection zones including callpoints)
    517.050.010M600/900 Detector Base Dust Cover (Pack of 10)
    517.050.011W500 White Plastic Coated Steel Protective Cage for M600/900 detectors - also suitable for most other detectors
    517.050.401M600M/M900M Universal Base Assembly (Marine)
    517.050.601M600/900 4" Universal Detector Base (UL listed)
    517.050.606M600/900 6" Univeral Detector Base (UL version)
    517.051.002M900 Series Detector Smart Card Address Key (Pack of 10)
    517.051.007M900F Smart Card Address Key Programmer (Stand Alone Version)
    517.051.008M900C Smart Card Address Key Programmer (use with Laptop running Minerva/TFX Configuration Software)
    517.051.402M900KM Smart Card Address Key (Marine) (each)
    517.060.001Standard Swivel Bracket, Black (for Aluminium Detectors only)
    517.060.002Standard Swivel Bracket (for Stainless Steel Detectors)
    517.060.003540 Hand Held UV/IR Test Gun for S660/S860
    517.060.004UV Detector Test Gun for S660
    517.060.005Airshield for S660/S860
    518.003.00377CR19 Cable Release 24V DC
    518.003.00477CR19 Cable Release 240V AC
    518.004.004Door Release Magnet Set 240VAC c/w Keeper Plate
    518.004.005Door Release Magnet Set 24VDC c/w Keeper Plate
    519.001.007Door Release Button (Single Gang Mounting)
    525.001.005Fire Notice Frame : 212mm x 297mm
    525.001.006Fire Notice Frame : 280mm x 356mm
    525.001.007Fire Notice Frame : 483mm x 737mm
    525.001.008Fire Notice Frame : 483mm x 367mm
    526.001.016.TT510 Extinguishing Main to Reserve Changeover Keyswitch Unit with 2 keys
    526.001.017T527 Electrical Manual Extinguishing Release Push Button Unit mounted behind a cover, held closed by frangible washers
    526.001.018.TT528 Mechanical Manual Extinguishing Release Unit (pull handle linked to gas container via steel cable)
    526.001.019T526 Extinguishing Release Hold Button Unit (suits single gang UK back box)
    526.001.020T529 Extinguishing Abort Button Unit (suits single gang UK back box) (use with NTR panel)
    526.001.021T525 Extinguishing System Auto/Manual Mode Select & Status Display Unit (use at each entrance to protected area)
    527.001.003Top Hat Frangible Insert (spare)
    527.001.013Frangible Washers (spare)
    527.001.028Microswitch Lock Keep & Backplate for Deadlock
    540.001.012Lamp (Red)/Buzzer Unit Flush Mounting Mk2 c/w Single Gang Box (marked Fire)
    540.001.013Lamp (Red)/Buzzer Unit Surface Mounting Mk2 (marked Fire)
    540.001.030Xenon Beacon Low Profile Clear 24V DC 1W
    540.001.031Xenon Beacon Low Profile Blue 24V DC 1W
    540.001.032Xenon Beacon Low Profile Amber 24V DC 1W
    540.001.033Xenon Beacon Low Profile Red 24V DC 1W
    540.001.034Xenon Beacon Low Profile Blue 12V DC 1W
    540.001.035Xenon Beacon Low Profile Clear 12V DC 1W
    540.001.036Xenon Beacon Low Profile Amber 12V DC 1W
    540.001.037Xenon Beacon Low Profile Red 12V DC 1W
    540.001.038Xenon Beacon (0.5 joule), EEx ia, GRP material, IP66, Clear Lens (XB8BB024CNR)
    540.001.039Xenon Beacon (5 joule), EExd IIB T5, IP66/67, GRP material, Red Lens ATEX EX II 2G (XB11B02406RNBNNNR)
    540.003.006.TM600/900 Remote Indicator Square UK Single Gang Mounting
    540.006.003RI500 Remote Indicator for M500/M900 Addressable Fire Detectors
    540.006.006Remote Indicator
    540.007.001E1 Lamp Unit Heavy Duty IP67 Cast Aluminium Surface Mount Red 24 DC with indicator plate labelled 'Extinguishing System Operated'
    540.007.002E3 Lamp Unit Heavy Duty IP67 Cast Aluminium Surface Mount Red/Amber/Green 24 DC with indicator plates labelled 'Extinguishing System - Operated/Automatic/Manual'
    540.007.006I3 Lamp Unit IP67 Surface Mount Red/Amber/Green 24DC labelled 'Gas Release', 'Auto', 'Manual'
    540.007.007I4 Lamp Unit IP67 Surface Mount Red/Amber/Green 24DC with Auto/Manual Keyswitch labelled 'Gas Release', 'Auto', 'Manual'
    541.001.0182000/2100 5-way Zone Monitor PCB (can be used on any monitored sounder circuit to take up to 5 spurs into a sounder output. Suitable for mounting in control equipment.)
    545.001.003LI530EX Line Isolator Module (for System 602)
    545.001.007LI520 Line Isolator Module Mk 2
    545.001.008MI900 Line Isolator Base for use with M900 detectors on Minerva systems (also compatible with TFX systems but not UL approved)
    545.001.009LI520 Line Isolator pre-assembled with plastic front cover
    545.800.001LIM800 Line Isolator Module (requires M520 Cover)
    545.800.031LIM800 Line Isolator Module with M520 Cover
    546.004.005I.S. Sounder Circuit Interface Module
    546.004.006PI521 Plant Interface
    546.004.007AM921 Aspirator Detector Interface Module fits in detectors, 7-relay scanners and 7 remote relay termination cards (not suitable for VRT-200/VRT-400)
    546.017.001AM521 Aspirator Detector Interface Module (for E70D & Aspirating systems)
    547.004.001Din Rail Mounting Kit (for PI521/SU521)
    555.180.002Minerva 16E Front Cover Assembly
    555.180.003Minerva 80 Front Cover Assembly
    555.180.021CM520 Contact Monitor Module (1 input)
    555.180.026CM520 Contact Module (1 input) pre-assembled with plastic front cover
    555.800.001MIM-800 Mini-Input Module
    555.800.002CIM-800 Single Channel Contact Input Module suitable for two spur or one loop configured input circuits
    555.800.012DIM-800 Conventional Detector Input Module (requires external 24VDC)
    555.800.032CIM-800 Single Channel Contact Input Module (pre-assembled onto an M520 Front Cover)
    555.800.034HVR-800 High Voltage Relay in isolated D800 Housing
    557.180.001Minerva AC Power Module 2.7A (Non-Addressable)
    557.180.002Minerva AC Power Module 2.7A (Addressable)
    557.180.005XOM-800 Mimic Driver Module
    557.180.010Minerva 80 Motherboard PCB
    557.180.012Minerva Multi-Purpose Interface Module (MPIM)
    557.180.014Minerva 80 Addressable Loop Expansion Module (2 Loops)
    557.180.016Universal Input/Output Expansion Module (XIOM)
    557.180.021Minerva Plain Cover Assembly ( Bo? ?n Kapak )
    557.180.022Minerva Terminal Chamber PCB Assembly
    557.180.023Minerva Network Applications Unit c/w Dual Serial Communications Ports
    557.180.025Minerva Communications Driver PCB (mounted inside fire controller)
    557.180.028Minerva Superlink PCB
    557.180.032Minerva 16 General Purpose Housing (Surface Mounting) Arka Kasa
    557.180.033Minerva 16 General Purpose Housing (Flush Mounting)
    557.180.034Minerva 16E/80 Expansion Housing (Surface Mounting)
    557.180.035.TMinerva LCD Repeater 80 Character
    557.180.051Minerva DC/DC Convertor Module
    557.180.052Minerva Serial Printer Driver Kit
    557.180.055Minerva 8/16E Battery Fitting Kit
    557.180.062Minerva MPIM to Printer (D25) Serial Lead Assembly
    557.180.063Minerva MPIM to PC (D25) Serial Lead Assembly (as 940558)
    557.180.065Minerva 80 Battery Fitting Kit
    557.180.069Minerva Parallel Printer Cable Assembly
    557.180.076.TMinerva Wall Mounted Printer (may be mounted adjacent to any surface mounted controllers)
    557.180.079Bezel - Flush Mounting (for 557.180.076.T)
    557.180.087Minerva 16E Main Processor Programmed EPROM Version 6.0
    557.180.088Minerva 80 Main Processor Programmed EPROM Version 6.0
    557.180.089Minerva 80 ALXM Programmed EPROM Version 6.0
    557.180.090Minerva MNAU Programmed EPROM Set Version 2.2
    557.180.092LPIM520 Loop Powered Insertion Module (for converting Minerva 8/16E to Loop Powered)
    557.180.095Minerva Ancillary Stacking Kit (for 557.180.096.T)
    557.180.096.TMinerva Ancillary Housing 8 (for up to 16 M520 modules with stacking kit)
    557.180.097.TMinerva Ancillary Housing 3 (for up to 3 M520 modules)
    557.180.099Minerva Configuration 32K x 8 EEPROM
    557.180.105Minerva Full Consys Software Key (Dongle)
    557.180.106Minerva Customer/Distributor Software Key (Dongle)
    557.180.107Minerva 8 Programmed EPROM Version 7.1
    557.180.108Minerva 16E Main Processor Programmed EPROM Version 7.1
    557.180.109Minerva 80 Main Processor Programmed EPROM Version 7.1
    557.180.110Minerva 80 ALXM Programmed EPROM Version 7.1
    557.180.111Minerva 8 Programmed EPROM Version 8.0
    557.180.112Minerva 16E Main Processor Programmed EPROM Version 8.0
    557.180.113Minerva 80 Main Processor Programmed EPROM Version 8.0
    557.180.123Minerva 80 ALXM Programmed EPROM Version 9.0
    557.180.124Minerva 8 Main Processor Programmed EPROM Version 9.0
    557.180.125Minerva 16E Programmed EPROM Version 9.0
    557.180.126Minerva MNAU Programmed EPROM Set Version 4.2
    557.180.127Minerva 8 Main Processor Programmed EPROM Version 10.1
    557.180.128Minerva 16E Main Processor Programmed EPROM Version 10.1
    557.180.129Minerva 80 Main Processor Programmed EPROM Version 10.1
    557.180.130Minerva 80 ALXM Programmed EPROM Version 10.1
    557.180.132Minerva MNAU Programmed EPROM Set Version 4.3
    557.180.133Minerva Superlink PCB Programmed EPROM Version 7.6F
    557.180.134Minerva 8 Main Processor Programmed EPROM Version 11.0
    557.180.135Minerva 16E Main Processor Programmed EPROM Version 11.0
    557.180.136Minerva 80 Main Processor Programmed EPROM Version 11.0
    557.180.137Minerva 80 ALXM Programmed EPROM Version 11.0
    557.180.138Minerva 8 Main Processor Programmed EPROM Version 11.1
    557.180.139Minerva 16E Main Processor Programmed EPROM Version 11.1
    557.180.140Minerva 80 Main Processor Programmed EPROM Version 11.1
    557.180.141Minerva 80 ALXM Programmed EPROM Version 11.1
    557.180.143Minerva 8 Main Processor Programmed EPROM Version 11.2
    557.180.144Minerva 16E Main Processor Programmed EPROM Version 11.2
    557.180.145Minerva 80 Main Processor Programmed EPROM Version 11.2
    557.180.146Minerva 80 ALXM Programmed EPROM Version 11.2
    557.180.147TLK Firmware Version 2.36 - Spare
    557.180.148.TAncillary Housing for combination of 2 x TLO530 or TLD530 interfaces
    557.180.149Programmed EPROM MIPLOC IC26 & IC33 Version 2.1
    557.180.150Minerva MNAU Programmed EPROM Set Version 4.5 (IC26 & IC33)
    557.180.151RS232/422 Converter (for use with 557.180.035.T)
    557.180.152DB9 Male to Male Gender Changer (for use with 557.180.151)
    557.180.153TPI Firmware Version 1.02
    557.180.154Minerva 8 Main Processor Programmed EPROM Version 12.1
    557.180.155Minerva 16E Main Processor Programmed EPROM Version 12.1
    557.180.156Minerva 80 Main Processor Programmed EPROM Version 12.1
    557.180.157Minerva 80 ALXM Programmed EPROM Version 12.1
    557.180.158Minerva 8 Main Processor Programmed EPROM Version 12.2
    557.180.159Minerva 16E Main Processor Programmed EPROM Version 12.2
    557.180.160Minerva 80 Main Processor Programmed EPROM Version 12.2
    557.180.161Minerva 80 ALXM Programmed EPROM Version 12.2
    557.180.166Minerva 8 Main Processor Programmed EPROM Version 12.4
    557.180.167Minerva 16E Main Processor Programmed EPROM Version 12.4
    557.180.168Minerva 80 Main Processor Programmed EPROM Version 12.4
    557.180.169Minerva 80 ALXM Programmed EPROM Version 12.4
    557.180.200Minerva Main Processor PCB (no software fitted)
    557.180.202Printer Lead Assembly 'D' Type Angled (for 557.180.076.T)
    557.180.203Addressable Loop Expansion Module Loop Powered (2 Loops)
    557.180.204Loop Powered Motherboard for Minerva 80
    557.180.205Minerva DC/DC Converter (Loop Powered)
    557.180.208Minerva Spare Keys (used on Minerva Controllers Mid-94 onwards)
    557.180.209Minerva Keyswitch Assembly
    557.180.212Gland Cover to hide cable entry for Minerva Housing
    557.180.215TLK530 ThornNet Network Node Interface Module
    557.180.217LPBD520 Loop Powered Beam Detector Interface Module (max. 8 per loop) (use with FireRay 2000)
    557.180.218TLK530G ThornNet Interface for ThornGraph PC c/w PSU & Housings
    557.180.219Connection Cable - MXGraph PC to TLK-530G & TLI-80G
    557.180.220LQ80 Column Ribbon Black (for 557.180.214)
    557.180.221Minerva Consys Configuration Programme Software Package Version 11 (supplied on floppy disk)
    557.180.222T2130CS Toshiba Portable PC
    557.180.223Minerva Wall Mounting Printing Ribbon (for 557.180.076.T)
    557.180.224Minerva Programmable Logic Controller (MIPLOC) Interface
    557.180.225Minerva Customer Consys Version 12.4
    557.180.226TPI-530 ThornNet Third Party Interface Card (uses one ThornNet node and provides 2-way foreign system interface to any TFX or Minerva network)
    557.180.227TPI-530-P ThornNet Third Party Interface Card in Steel Enclosure with 220VAC (uses one ThornNet node and provides a 2-way foreign system interface to any TFX or Minerva network)
    557.180.228CCU/485/TNMB1 ThornNet to Modbus Communications Concentration Unit
    557.180.230MPIM EPROM Version 3.1
    557.180.231MPIM Firmware Version 3.2
    557.180.235EEPROM (IC13) for Minerva 80 ALXM Board
    557.180.236EEPROM (IC20) for Main Processor Board of Minerva 8/16E/80
    557.180.239LQ300+ Epson Dot Matrix Alarm Printer - 24 pin 80 character
    557.180.401Minerva T890 80 Zone Analogue Addressable Fire Controller c/w 1 ALXM Loop Module (expandable to 5 ALXMs - 10 loops). 24VDC operation - requires isolated 24VDC PSU (Marine)
    557.180.402Minerva T891 16 Zone Analogue Addressable Fire Controller c/w 1 ALXM Loop Module (2 loops non-expandable). 110/240VAC operation (Marine)
    557.180.403Minerva T290 80 Zone Fire Repeater Unit. 24VDC operation (Marine)
    557.180.404Minerva T291 16 Zone Fire Repeater Unit. 110/240VAC operation (Marine)
    557.180.405Minerva T690 Power Supply Unit c/w Battery Fixing Kit. 110/240VAC operation (Marine)
    557.180.410Minerva T891, T291, T290 Battery Fixing Kit
    557.180.423TM520 Timer Module Assembly (non-addressable)
    557.180.452Minerva 19" Rack Mounting Kit (for use with surface mounting housings)
    557.180.454Minerva Bulkhead Mounting Kit (for T891, T291, T890, T290, T690 Marine)
    557.180.550Minerva 16E 2 Loop Analogue Addressable Controller c/w PSU (Surface Mounting) Ana Panel
    557.180.553Minerva 16E 2 Loop Analogue Addressable Controller c/w PSU (Flush Mounting)
    557.180.554Minerva 16E Repeater (Surface Mounting)
    557.180.555Minerva 16E Repeater (Flush Mounting)
    557.180.556Minerva 80 Controller c/w ALXM (Surface Mounting) (requires PSU) Ana Panel
    557.180.557Minerva 80 Controller c/w ALXM (Flush Mounting) (requires PSU)
    557.180.558Minerva 80 Repeater Assembly (Surface Mounting)
    557.180.559Minerva 80 Repeater Assembly (Flush Mounting)
    557.180.560Minerva Power Box (Addressable) c/w 2.7AH PSU (Surface Mounting)
    557.180.561Minerva Power Box (Non-Addressable) c/w 2.7AH PSU (Surface Mounting)
    557.180.562Minerva 80 Terminal Chamber
    557.180.564Minerva 8 1 Loop Analogue Addressable Controller c/w PSU (Surface Mounting)
    557.180.565Minerva 8 1 Loop Analogue Addressable Controller c/w PSU (Flush Mounting)
    557.180.566Minerva 8 Repeater c/w PSU (Surface Mounting)
    557.180.567Minerva 80 Controller Arabic
    557.180.568Minerva 16E Controller Arabic
    557.180.569Minerva 80 Controller Loop Powered c/w ALXM (Surface Mounting) (requires PSU)
    557.180.570Minerva 80 Controller Loop Powered c/w ALXM (Flush Mounting) (requires PSU)
    557.180.623TFX-500M 2-loop Fire Control Panel c/w Red Architectural Door (Grinnell branded) in 3 tier housing with FCM/OCM and 16 LED Indicator, supplied with 4" Shallow Back Box (alternative colours and branding available upon request)
    557.180.624TFX-800M Fire Detection Panel c/w Red Architectural Door (Grinnell branded) in 7 tier housing with FCM/ODM and 80 LED Indicator, supplied pre-built with 6" Back Box (alternative colours and branding available upon request)
    557.180.625TFX-400 2-loop Fire Control Panel, Grey (Thorn branded) (UL/FM approved) - space for up to 17AH batteries.
    557.180.667Minerva MPIM to PC (D9) Serial Lead (as 940577)
    557.180.698TLO530 ThornNet/MXNet Fibre Optic Interface Assembly
    557.180.699TLD530 ThornNet/MXNet Direct Line Driver PCB
    557.180.830Minerva 8 Main Processor Programmed EPROM Version 12.0
    557.180.831Minerva 16E Main Processor Programmed EPROM Version 12.0
    557.180.832Minerva 80 Main Processor Programmed EPROM Version 12.0
    557.180.833Minerva 80 ALXM Programmed EPROM Version 12.0
    557.180.901Minerva Simulator Rack System
    557.180.902Minerva Simulator PCB Card
    557.200.001MX1000 1-Loop, 250 device networkable Detection Panel in Shallow Back Box (Grey) (requires battery box)
    557.200.002MX1000F 1-Loop, 250 device networkable Detection Panel in Flush Shallow Back box (Grey)
    557.200.003MX4000 2 to 4-Loop, 500 device networkable Detection Panel in Shallow Back Box (Grey) (requires battery box)
    557.200.004MX4000D 2 to 4-Loop, 500 devices networkable Detection Panel in Deep Back Box (Grey)
    557.200.005MX-BBX 17AH Shallow Expansion and Battery Box (without batteries)
    557.200.006MX-DPBX 38AH Deep Expansion and Battery Box (without batteries)
    557.200.007MX-BBX-40LED 17AH Battery Box (Shallow) with 40 Alarm/Fault Zone LEDs
    557.200.008MX 38AH Battery Box c/w 40-way LED
    557.200.009MX4000F 2-Loop, 500 device networkable Detection Panel in Flush Shallow Back Box (Grey)
    557.200.012MXR-R Full Function Repeater (up to 7 per MX Panel) requires 24VDC
    557.200.013MXR-PSU Full Function Repeater (up to 7 per MX panel) incorporates EN54 Mains Power Supply
    557.200.014MX-APSU17 Boxed 5A Addressable Power Supply in Shallow Housing
    557.200.015MX-APSU38 Boxed 5A Addressable Power Supply in Deep Housing
    557.200.016MX-BATT Deep Battery Box (hold up to 38AH batteries)
    557.200.017MXR-F Full Functional Repeater - Flush (up to 7 per MX Panel)
    557.200.018MXR-PSU-F Full Function Repeater - Flush (up to 7 per MX panel) incorporates EN54 Mains Power Supply
    557.200.019MX-BBX-F 17AH Shallow Flush Mount Expansion and Battery Box
    557.200.038TLI-800G MX Network Interface Unit for MXGraph PC c/w 240V PSU and Housing
    557.200.100MX4000M-3 2-Loop, 500 device Panel in 3 tier modular housing with Black Back Box and Grey Door
    557.200.101MX4000M-5 2-Loop, 500 device Panel in 5 tier modular housing with Black Box Box and Grey Door
    557.200.600T2000 2-4 Loop Marine Panel
    557.200.601T2000R Marine Repeater
    557.200.602T2000B Battery & Expansion Box
    557.200.603T2000B80 Battery Box/80 LED Mimics
    557.200.604T2001 1-Loop Marine Panel (available Phase 2)
    557.200.901MX Demonstration Kit comprising MX Panel, 801CH Detector, 801PH Detector, LED's and switches mounted in a carry case and pre-configured with demo software.
    557.201.300BFP801 Spare Blank User Interface Module
    557.201.301Standard MX Panel Designer Back Box and Chassis Plate
    557.201.302Deep MX Designer Back Box and Chassis Plate
    557.201.306Standard MX Expansion Back Box and Chassis Plate
    557.201.310Deep MX Expansion Back Box and Chassis Plate
    557.201.400M820 Ancillary Unit Cover
    557.201.401IP65 Ancillary Housing
    557.202.000FIM-801 Field Interface Module with 1 x MX Loop Driver
    557.202.001FIM-802 Field Interface Module with 2 x MX Loop Drivers
    557.202.002Temporarily Unavailable (CPU-800 Standard MX Central Processor (Spare))
    557.202.003PSM-800 Power Supply only
    557.202.004LBM-800 Spare Loop Voltage Booster PCB
    557.202.005PSB-800 Panel Power Supply c/w Loop Booster
    557.202.006IOB-800 Input/Output Expansion Board (8in/8out) for connection to FIM or MPM
    557.202.007XLM-800-MX 2-Loop MX Digital Expansion Card (expands to 4 loops, 1000 devices)
    557.202.012MPM-800 Multi-Purpose Interface Module
    557.202.013OCM-800 Spare Operator Control Module
    557.202.014OCM-800 with Minerva MX Inserts
    557.202.019ODM-800 Operator Display Module
    557.202.020COM-820 20-way Command Button and Status LED module
    557.202.021ANN-840 40-way Alarm/Fault LED Annunciator
    557.202.022ANN-880 80-way Alarm LED Annunciator
    557.202.025MX-FIL Filnet Gateway
    557.202.026TLI-800 ThornNet/MX-Net/TFXnet Network Card
    557.202.027APM-800 Addressable Power Supply Monitor
    557.202.036Remote Diagnostic Modem (BABT)
    557.202.037Printer LX-300
    557.202.038TLI-800G ThornNet Interface for MXGraph PC c/w 240V PSU and Housing
    557.202.040PSB-800K Power Expansion Kit
    557.202.050PSM-800 Temp. Sensor Accessory Kit
    557.202.100FB800 Fuse Board (15 way)
    557.202.116Modem Lead
    557.202.117Serial Printer Cable for MPM-800 or FIM-800
    557.202.118MX Consys Download Lead
    557.202.119MX V1.0 Enhanced Character Chip Set for OCM-800
    557.202.403PSM800M Marine Approved Power Supply & Battery Charger
    557.202.405PSB800M Spare Marine Approved Panel Power Supply
    557.203.001MX Consys Dongle and License (Parallel Port)
    557.203.002MX Remote Dongle and License (Parallel Port)
    557.203.003MX Consys Dongle and License (USB)
    557.203.004MX Remote Dongle and License (USB)
    557.300.001MXS-8 Solo 1-Loop 8 Zone EN54 Detection Panel
    557.300.002MXS-16 Solo 1-Loop 16 Zone EN54 Detection Panel
    557.300.003MXS-8R Solo Full Function 8 zone Repeater (without power supply)
    557.300.004MXS-16R Solo Full Function 16 zone Repeater (without power supply)
    557.300.005MXS-8 Solo 1-Loop 8 Zone EN54 Detection Panel (Flush)
    557.300.006MXS-16 Solo 1-Loop 16 Zone EN54 Detection Panel (Flush)
    557.301.005MXS-PRN Panel Mount Thermal Printer for Minerva Solo
    557.301.006Minerva Solo MX Loop Card (Spare)
    557.301.007MXS Universal Loop Card for use with Apollo/Hochiki/Nittan protocol
    557.301.007.HMXS Universal Loop Card for use with Hochiki protocol
    557.301.007.NMXS Universal Loop Card for use with Nittan protocol
    557.301.007.PMXS Universal Loop Card for use with Apollo protocol
    557.301.011MXS CPU to Printer Lead
    557.301.012Programming Lead for connecting a Laptop to the Minerva Solo
    557.301.014Spare Paper for 557.301.005 Printer (Pack of 5)
    557.301.101Consys Configuration Software for Minerva Solo Panels
    557.301.102Qwerty Keyboard for Programming text descriptions into Minerva Solo
    558.004.003C1240 C Range Charger 12V 4A
    558.004.006C2440 C Range Charger 24V 4A
    558.004.00724VDC 3A Transformer/Rectifier Unit for Door Release Units includes 24V free relay interface
    558.004.013C Range Housing Type D c/w Metres
    558.004.014C Range Housing Type D (holds up to 2 x 38AH batteries)
    558.004.015C Range Housing Type C c/w Metres
    558.004.016C Range Housing Type C (holds up to 2 x 12AH batteries)
    560.001.010Battery Pack 8.4V (82 SE57)
    560.001.012Battery 12V 38AH Sealed Lead Acid
    560.001.013Battery 6V 10AH Sealed Lead Acid
    560.001.015Battery 12V 17AH Sealed Lead Acid
    560.002.023Battery Assembly including Label
    560.002.030Battery Pack 6 Cell Dummy Lithium
    560.002.031Battery Pack Lithium System 3000
    560.002.032PP7 Battery Lithium
    567.001.004Relay 5000
    567.005.004Relay 5010
    567.005.005Relay 5016 (8-way Relay Unit)
    567.007.008Alarm Relay 240VAC Mk 4
    567.007.009Alarm Relay 24VDC Mk 4
    568.001.002Relay 5010 PCB
    568.001.006Relay 5016 PCB (8 Relays)
    568.001.007Relay 5000 Housing Auxiliary Relay
    568.001.008Relay 5010 Housing Auxiliary Relay (Large)
    568.001.011RM520 Relay Module (1 x 24VDC Rated Relay)
    568.001.013SU521 Shop Unit Interface
    568.001.014SD520 Smoke Damper Interface Module (provides 2 inputs/1 output rated at 240V @ 5A) (requires ancillary cover)
    568.001.016MC900 Low Power Relay Base for use with any M900 detector
    568.001.017RM520 Relay Module (pre-assembled with plastic front cover)
    568.001.018MC600 Low Power Relay Base for use with any M600 detector - not compatible with System 1600/T530 panels
    568.001.019900RBA Relay Base (UL approved)
    568.001.020600RBA M600 Series Conventional Relay Base (UL approved)
    568.001.023MC600D Low Power Relay Base with Diode for use with any M600 detector - not compatible with System 1600/T530 panels
    568.800.003RIM-800 Relay Output Interface Module
    568.800.004HVR-800 High Voltage (110-240V) Relay Interface Module
    568.800.033RIM-800 Relay Output Interface Module (pre-assembled onto an M520 Front Cover)
    568.800.034HVR-800 High Voltage (110-240V) Relay Interface Module (pre-assembled into an IP65 enclosure)
    569.001.007Relay Cradle & Retaining Clip DPCO 26VDC Nominal 700K Ohm Coil 5A
    576.500.004.TSounder Bell Red 6" 240VAC Solenoid Operated "Fire" Text
    576.500.009.TSounder Bell Red 6" 24VDC Solenoid Operated "Fire" Text
    576.501.001Sounder Yodalarm 3" 24V DC
    576.501.002Sounder Yodalarm 5" 24V DC
    576.501.003Sounder Yodalarm 8" 24V DC
    576.501.004.TSounder Banshee 24V DC L.F. 107dB 15mA
    576.501.008.TSounder Banshee 24V DC H.F. 105dB 25mA
    576.501.011Banshee/Bedlam Weatherproof Mains Adaptor Pack 240VAC to 24VDC (use for any 24VDC banshee/bedlam)
    576.501.013Sounder Banshee Red IS28 L.F. 98dB 10mA
    576.501.015.TSounder Bedlam Weatherproof Red 24VDC 117dB 30mA
    576.501.021Squashni Blank Cover Plate
    576.501.022.T6" Motorised Bell 24VDC "Fire" Text
    576.501.023.T8" Motorised Bell 24VDC "Fire" Text
    576.501.024.TSounder Banshee IP66 Weatherproof 24VDC L.F. Red 107dB 15mA
    576.501.030Sounder Squashni White 24V DC
    576.501.031Blank Cover Plate (for 576.501.030)
    576.501.032.TSounder Bedroom Square White Flush Mounting 24VDC 90dB@1m 7mA
    576.501.033.TSounder Banshee 24VDC L.F. Low Profile 107dB (White)
    576.501.034.TFirecryer - Single English Message Synchronised Voice Enhanced Sounder. (Message : FIRE! FIRE! Please leave the building. Fire! Fire! Leave the building)
    576.501.035.TFirecryer - Four English Message Synchronised Voice Enhanced Sounder
    576.501.036.TFirecryer - Single English Message Unsynchronised Voice Enhanced Sounder. (Message : FIRE! FIRE! Please leave the building. Fire! Fire! Leave the building)
    576.501.037Firecryer - Four Message Demo Box
    576.501.038Wafer Sounder & Blank Cover (White) 24VDC 60dB/90dB 4-15mA
    576.501.039.TMBF-6WE 6" Indoor Motorised Bell, Red, 24VDC, 94dB @ 1m, 15mA
    576.501.040.TMBF-8WE 8" Indoor Motorised Bell, Red, 24VDC, 95dB @ 1m, 30mA
    576.501.041Banshee/Xenon Bracket (for 576.501.004/15/33, 577.001.026/29 & 540.001.030-33)
    576.501.042Banshee IP66 Back Box for use with any loop powered banshees and firecryers
    576.501.043Horn Sounder (Red), EExd IIC T5, IP66/67, up to 115dB(A), GRP material, ATEX EX II 2G (DB3/B/048/N/1B/N/R)
    576.501.100Firecryer - Single Message Synch Board for use with Single Message Sychronised Firecryers
    576.501.101Firecryer - 4 Message Synch Board for use with 4 Message Firecryers
    576.501.104.TRed 4 Message Synchronised Firecryer with Custom Messages (message must be specified at time of ordering)
    576.501.105Price for producing a new custom message for Minerva Firecryers
    576.501.200Symphoni Sounder Low Power 100dB 3-tone (Red)
    576.501.201Symphoni Sounder Low Power 100dB 3-tone (White)
    576.501.202Symphoni Sounder High Output 120dB 32-tone (Red)
    576.501.203Symphoni Sounder High Output 120dB 32-tone (White)
    576.501.204Tyco 2-wire Symphoni 100dB Sounder (Red)
    576.501.205Tyco 2-wire Symphoni 100dB Sounder (White)
    576.501.220Roshni Sounder Low Profile 32-tone Shallow Base (Red)
    576.501.221Roshni Sounder Low Profile 32-tone Shallow Base (White)
    576.501.224Flashni 32-tone Sounder/Beacon (Red)
    576.501.225Flashni 32-tone Sounder (White)/Beacon (Red)
    576.502.010Sounder Siren Minimite 24V DC (Range 370 yards)
    577.001.002Weatherproof Gasket Box 6" (for 576.500.009)
    577.001.006Flush Mounting Bracket White (for low profile banshees)
    577.001.022SM520 Sounder Driver Module (max. alarm load 24VDC @ 500mA)
    577.001.023SB520 Sounder Booster Module (max. alarm load 24VDC @ 15A)
    577.001.026.TLPBB520R Loop Powered Addressable Banshee L.F. Red
    577.001.027LPSM520 Loop Powered Sounder Module (max. 5 per loop, each driving max. 5 banshees)
    577.001.029.TLPBB520W Loop Powered Addressable Banshee L.F. White
    577.001.030MB600 Conventional Sounder Base compatible with any M600/900 detectors
    577.001.031MB900 Loop Powered Sounder Base use with M901 addressable detectors on loop powered systems
    577.001.032SM520 Sounder Module (pre-assembled with plastic front cover)
    577.001.033SB520 Booster Module (pre-assembled with plastic front cover)
    577.001.034MB600D Conventional Sounder Base with Diode compatible with any M600/900 detectors
    577.001.101VM520 Voice Sounder Housing (for both conv. and anal. addr. fire systems)
    577.001.102VM520 Voice Sounder PCB Module (for 577.001.101)
    577.001.106Flush Mounting Loudspeaker 8 Ohms
    577.001.107VM520 PEPROM (IC6)
    577.001.109VM520 Metal Cabinet Speaker
    577.002.001Pager Transmitter
    577.002.002Minerva Type A Alarm Pager
    577.002.003Minerva Type A Maintenance Pager
    577.002.006Minerva Pager Aerial Standard up to 500m
    577.002.007Minerva Pager Aerial 60lb Gain up to 1km
    577.002.008Minerva Feeder Cable 10m for UA2
    577.800.005SNM-800 Sounder Notification Module (requires cover)
    577.800.011LPS-800 Loop Powered Sounder Module
    577.800.035SNM-800 Sounder Notification Module (pre-assembled onto an M520 Front Cover)
    577.800.041LPS-800 Loop Powered Sounder Module (pre-assembled onto a M520 Front Cover)
    584.001.001MTD 24 Smoke Detector Isolator Timer
    584.002.001Sprinkler Delay Module
    592.001.004T110 Adaptor Plate (for S111/S112/S121/S122 Detector)
    592.001.005T110 Adaptor Plate (for S131/S161 Detector)
    592.001.010T110 PP9 Battery & Charger Kit
    592.001.011T100/110 Carrying Case (not suitable for T210)
    592.001.012T110 Infra-Red Test Source (use with 517.001.224/226/230)
    592.001.013T210 Infra-Red Test Source (use with 517.001.224/226/230)
    592.001.014T210 Adaptor S200 Series Detector
    599.001.010Lamp 28V 40mA (LES) (use on System 1500)
    599.001.011Lamp 28V 40mA Midget (use on T505/515)
    599.001.012Lamp 28V 60mA (MCC) (use on T525)
    599.001.020Lamp 36V 30mA Bi-Pin (use on System 1600/T880/T520/T530)
    599.005.001End of Line Resistor 22K 0.5W (each)
    599.047.001Label Address Loop "A" 16mm dia. Numbers 0-127 on 1 Sheet (White)
    599.047.002Label Address Loop "B" 16mm dia. Numbers 0-127 on 1 Sheet (Yellow)
    599.047.003Label Address Loop "C" 16mm dia. Numbers 0-127 on 1 Sheet (Purple)
    599.047.004Label Address Loop "D" 16mm dia. Numbers 0-127 on 1 Sheet (Green)
    599.047.005Label Address Loop "E" 16mm dia. Numbers 0-127 on 1 Sheet (Grey)
    599.047.006Label Address Loop "F" 16mm dia. Numbers 0-127 on 1 Sheet (Blue)
    599.047.007Label Address Loop "G" 16mm dia. Numbers 0-127 on 1 Sheet (Orange)
    599.047.008Label Address Loop "H" 16mm dia. Numbers 0-127 on 1 Sheet (Red)
    599.047.009Label Address Loop "I" 16mm dia. Numbers 0-127 on 1 Sheet (Dark Blue)
    599.047.010Label Address Loop "J" 16mm dia. Numbers 0-127 on 1 Sheet (Black)
    599.047.011Label Zones Numbers 1-16 on 1 Sheet
    599.047.012Label Zones Numbers 17-32 on 1 Sheet
    599.047.013Label Zones Numbers 33-48 on 1 Sheet
    599.047.014Label Zones Numbers 49-64 on 1 Sheet
    599.047.015Label Zones Numbers 65-80 on 1 Sheet
    599.048.001Lifeline Fire Resistant P34 Clips & Glands (Red) (supplied per 50)
    599.048.002Lifeline Fire Resistant P34 Clips & Glands (White) (supplied per 50)
    599.048.003Lifeline Fire Resistant P37 Clips & Glands (Red) (supplied per 50)
    599.048.004Lifeline Fire Resistant P37 Clips & Glands (White) (supplied per 50)
    599.048.005Lifeline Fire Resistant P40 Clips & Glands (Red) (supplied per 50)
    599.048.006Lifeline Fire Resistant P40 Clips & Glands (White) (supplied per 50)
    599.048.007Lifeline Fire Resistant P43 Clips & Glands (Red) (supplied per 50)
    599.048.008Lifeline Fire Resistant P43 Clips & Glands (White) (supplied per 50)
    599.048.009Lifeline Fire Resistant NG1 Clips & Glands (Red) (supplied per 10)
    599.048.010Lifeline Fire Resistant NG1 Clips & Glands (White) (supplied per 10)
    599.048.020Lifeline Cable, 2 core, 1mm, Red (per metre) (requires P34R)
    599.048.021Lifeline Cable, 2 core, 1mm, White (per metre) (requires P34W)
    599.048.022Lifeline Cable, 2 core, 1.5mm, Red (per metre) (requires P34R)
    599.048.023Lifeline Cable, 2 core, 1.5mm, White (per metre) (requires P34W)
    599.048.024Lifeline Cable, 2 core, 2.5mm, Red (per metre) (requires P37R)
    599.048.025Lifeline Cable, 2 core, 2.5mm, White (per metre) (requires P37W)
    599.048.032Lifeline Cable, 4 core, 1mm, Red (per metre) (requires P37R)
    599.048.033Lifeline Cable, 4 core, 1mm, White (per metre) (requires P37W)
    599.048.034Lifeline Cable, 4 core, 1.5mm, Red (per metre) (requires P40R)
    599.048.035Lifeline Cable, 4 core, 1.5mm, White (per metre) (requires P40W)
    599.048.036Lifeline Cable, 4 core, 2.5mm, Red (per metre) (requires P43R)
    599.048.037Lifeline Cable, 4 core, 2.5mm, White (per metre) (requires P43W)
    616.007.051DT7235T Wide Angle Dual Technology Detector, 11m x 11m range
    616.007.052DT725D Wide Angle Dual Technology Detector, 15m x 18m range
    70-1034850EC Fixed 75° Heat Detector (System Sensor)
    70-1045850EC Rate of Rise Heat Detector (System Sensor)
    70-105B101R 2-wire Base (System Sensor)
    70-111DCC-2EL Rate of Rise Heat Detector (Hochiki)
    70-112DFE-60E Fixed 60° Heat Detector (Hochiki)
    70-113DFE-90E Fixed 90° Heat Detector (Hochiki)
    70-114SLK-E Optical Detector (Hochiki) (available whilst stocks last)
    70-115SIH-E Ionisation Detector (Hochiki)
    70-116YBF-RL-4H5 Common Surface Base (Hochiki)
    70-125B401R Base c/w 470 Ohm Resistor
    70-126B401SD Inline Diode Base
    70-131KR72SR-680 Surface Callpoint (Wormald Branded)
    70-132KSR9-680 Waterproof Callpoint (Wormald Branded)
    70-133KR72-680 Flush Callpoint (Wormald Branded)
    70-136KL1 Continuity Links (Pack of 5)
    70-1371151E Ionisation Detector Low Profile
    70-141B401RSD NT Base - Diode & Resistor
    850509Autocall TFX-500/800 Field Wiring Guidelines Manual (UK supply)
    850515Autocall TFX-500M/800M Operators Manual and Installation Guide (UK supply)
    850516Autocall TFX-500M/800M Operators Manual (UK supply)
    90-105Punk Sticks (Hakuto) can be used for testing CO detectors
    90-106Test Keys for all CP200/500/900 Series Callpoint (except CP540EX)
    90-107M141 Spacer Red (for CP200/900 Series Callpoints)
    90-110KR-1 Flush Callpoint
    90-11645681-007 Old Apollo Base
    90-122ALB-E Optical Detector Hakuto Analogue (Hochiki)
    90-123YBF-RL-4H5 Base Hakuto Analogue (Hochiki)
    90-124ATA-E Heat Detector Hakuto Analogue (Hochiki)
    90-125ACP-1A/SR2-T Add BGU ACP-1A/SR2-T Hakuto Analogue (Hochiki)
    90-126AIA-E Ionisation Detector Hakuto Analogue (Hochiki)
    90-1302KH-4T Optical Detector (Nittan)
    90-1322IC 4T/L Ionisation Detector (Nittan)
    90-133Heat Detector Grade 2 66° (Nittan)
    90-134NHDG3 Heat Detector Grade 3 Fixed 70° (Nittan)
    90-135TCA-60-LS Heat Detector Fixed Temperature (Nittan))
    90-136RB3 Base (Nittan)
    90-144Paper Rolls
    90-1454098-9716 Ionisation Detector (Simplex)
    90-1464098-9701 Photo Sensor (Simplex)
    90-1474098-9781 Base (Simplex)
    901.500.0762-Core 1.5 Lifeline Brick/Concrete
    901.500.0772-Core 1.5 Lifeline Wood/Tray
    901.500.1334-Core 1.5 Lifeline Brick/Concrete
    901.500.1344-Core 1.5 Lifeline Wood/Tray
    901.500.1372-Core 2.5 Lifeline Brick/Concrete
    901.500.1382-Core 2.5 Lifeline Wood/Tray
    901.500.1394-Core 2.5 Lifeline Brick/Concrete
    901.500.1404-Core 2.5 Lifeline Wood/Tray
    901.500.143Lifeline 2/4-Core Termination
    90-166562-939 PCB F2 Zam Assembly (Simplex)
    90-1682190-9172 IAM (Simplex)
    90-177492-027 Drive Belts (Simplex)
    90-1924098-9731 Heat Detector (Simplex)
    90-302Add Callpoint 1202202 Signalco
    90-3202KH-AW Analogue Optical Detector L.P. (Nittan)
    90-3212IC-AW Analogue Ionisation Detector L.P. (Nittan)
    90-322TCB-AW Analogue Heat Detector (Nittan)
    910683RPS-424 Auxiliary Power Supply/Battery Charger (UK supply) provides up to 5A at 24VDC output from 120 or 240VAC input. Includes 1 910691 battery fuse assembly.
    93-506FCP-1B 1 Zone Panel
    940577TFX Programming Cable (UK supply), 15 ft with female DB-9 connector for use with laptop computers.
    95-109Keyswitch White in Callpoint Housing 'Tenants Mute Switch' c/w Spacer, Back Box & Hinge Cover (marked Silence/Normal)
    95-120Surface Mount Callpoint with 270 Ohm Resistor
    960678RMS-1T-WP-LP Manual Station, Dual Action, Weatherproof (UK supply). 1 N.O. contact; terminals. Includes surface mount back box.
    960684GR Glass Rod (UK supply) used in all RMS manual stations except Institutional for positive indication of operation.
    976016IAS-500 End-of-Line-Assembly (UK supply) (use with alarm signal circuits of main processor. Package of 1).
    976026CAA-500LI Line Isolator Module (UK supply), mounted to 2-gang plate. Maximum 12 per TFX signalling circuit. Surface mounting requires 2-gang switch/tile box; flush mounting requires 4" square box with 2-gang adapter.
    976040TFX DCPM DC/DC Power Convertor (UK supply) used with 976062 when more than 4 signalling circuits [or 2 IIB-800 boards] are required. No sub-plate.
    976062IIB-800 ALXM Addressable Loop Expander Module (UK supply) provides 2-loops, Class A/B, (99 points each). Maximum 5 per TFX-800 panel.
    976063IAM-800 Expansion Motherboard (UK supply) provides for mounting of the DCPM and up to 5 IIB-800. Provides signal and power interconnections between main processor, ALXMs DCPMs and addressable loops.
    976066OAA-16 Digital Output Module (UK supply) provides 16 digital type outputs; 10mA each. Requires MPIM. Capability of connecting up to 5 modules per MPIM, mix and match. Dependent upon application, additional power may be required.
    976067IAA-16 Digital Input Module (UK supply) provides 16 volt-free contact type inputs. Requires 976015. Capability of connecting up to 5 modules per MPIM, mix and match. Dependent upon application, additional power may be required.
    976076CDM-800 Universal Digital In/Out Module (UK supply) provides In/Out communication functions for digital output, drive relay output, digital input or volt-free input; user selective. Requires 976015. Capability of connecting up to 5 modules per MPIM, mix and match. Dependent upon application, additional power may be required.
    976077OMA-80 Custom Graphic Driver Board (UK supply) provides 80 LED output drivers for field interface to custom graphic panels. Requires 1 976015.
    976081IXA-501CM Mini Contact Monitor Module (UK supply). Style B sub-circuit for use with N.O. contact devices. Fits inside standard electrical boxes. Requires 619 ohm end-of-line resistors.
    976092IXA-500CMA Contact Monitor Module (UK supply), mounted to 2-gang plate. Style D/B sub-circuit for use with N.O. or N.C. contact devices. Surface mounting requires 2-gang switch/tile box; flush mounting requires 4" square box with 2-gang adaptor.
    976093IXA-500DMA Addressable Detector Monitor Modules (UK supply), mounted to 4" sq cover. Style B/D sub-circuit for use with compatible 2-wire smoke detectors. Requires separate 24VDC smoke detector power. Surface mounting requires 2-gang switch/tile box; flush mounting requires 4" square box with 2-gang adapter.
    976098XAA-16 8-Input/8-Output Contact Monitor/Relay Driver Module (UK supply) provides 8 non-supervised inputs for monitoring of volt-free relay contacts; provides 8 non-supervised outputs for control of relay coils.
    976122500PSM Addressable Power Supply Monitor Module (UK supply) provides interface to TFX-500/800, TFX-500M/800M or TFX-500MV/800MV signalling line circuits so RPS-424 can be supervised over the addressable loop. Provides visual trouble indicators, a common trouble relay contact, and field wiring connections. Also provides 5VDC power for remote MPIMs. Mounts to top cover of RPS-424.
    976123PSM Power Supply Monitor Module (UK supply) allows the RPS-424 to be used with compatible products by providing visual trouble indicators, a common trouble relay contact, and field wiring connections. Also provides a 5VDC power for remote MPIMs. Mounts to top cover of RPS-424.
    976165TLI-530 TFXnet Network Interface Module Kit (UK supply). 1 required per TFX panel. Operates as interface between a TFX panel and the TFXnet network. 2 on-board RS485 connections. Installs onto TFX main processor board or FireGraph. For FireGraph applications, order RS-232 cable and adapter separately.
    976166TLO-530 TFXnet Fiber Optics Interface Board Kit (UK supply). 1 required at each TFX panel to interface 1 fibre optic channel to the TLI-530 module. 2 required per panel for redundant path star connections and when using fibre optics in both directions of ring and bus connections. Use only with multi-mode fibre; not for us with single-mode fibre.
    976167TLD-530 TFXnet Line Driver Board Kit (UK supply). 1 required per TFX panel for both single path and redundant path star connections. Interfaces 2 dedicated telephone line circuits to the TLI-530 module. Supports two communications channels.
    976168TLB-530 TFXnet Baseboard Kit (UK supply). Used with TLA-530 when configurating a TFX for network communications with one of the option modules available for off-premises reporting. Also used in HUB and Bridge configurations.
    976250Resistor, 27K ohm, 1W (UK supply) for 505SDA/506SDA, Style Y, Dc or audio applications.
    976254TFX/MX Series Spare Keys (UK supply)
    976258OXA-502RM Addressable Relay Module (UK supply), mounted to 2-gang plate. Controlled by TFX, provides 1 Form C relay contact; 2A @ 24VDC and 0.6A @ 120VAC. Surface mounting requires 2-gang switch/tile box; flush mounting requires 4" square box with 2-gang adapter.
    976262SIM Serial Interface Module (UK supply) provides an isolated interface between Autocall TFX-500M/800M, TFX-500MV/800MV, Autocall AL-1500/AL-1500E and Autocall 3800 series control panel RS-232 or 20mA circuits and peripheral devices such as printers and video terminals. Includes 19600221; order peripheral device cable separately.
    976277IXA-RMS Addressable Manual Station (UK supply), Single Action. Includes 1 IXA-501CM; terminals.
    976375MDM521 Multi Detector Monitor Module (UK supply) connects zones of conventional 24VDC detectors and interfaces them to the Autocall TFX series fire alarm systems. Supervises and monitors 2-wire or 4-wire smoke detectors. Provides 8 Style B, Class B, zones. Order MDM mounting plate (976399) separately.
    976376GARA-1 Agent Releasing Station with Abort (UK supply). Compatible for use with all UL listed solenoids used in sprinkler systems, when used in conjunction with 976414, 976413 and 910683. Includes pre-installed addressable contact monitor module and "system activated" and "system normal" LEDs. Order 976258 separately to operated LED indicators from external 24VDC power.
    976378506SDA Notification Appliance Module Kit (UK supply), mounted to 2-gang plate. Controlled by TFX. Provides 1 Style Y/Z notification appliance output circuit, 2A/50W maximum. Suitable for 24VDC notification appliances and 25VRMS or 70VRMS speaker circuits. Surface mounting requires 2-gang switch/tile box; flush mounting requires 4" square box with 2-gang adapter. When using non-power-limited UL listed input sources for DC or 25VRMS applications, order and install 976379. Includes 2 27K ohm test resistors; order UL listed 976250 separately.
    976381GAR-1 Agent Releasing Station (UK supply). Compatible for use with all UL listed solenoids used in sprinkler systems, when used in conjunction with 976414, 976413 and 910683. Includes pre-installed addressable contact monitor module.
    976399MDM Mounting Plate (UK supply) accommodates 2 MDM521 modules and one mini-module. Includes mounting hardware for mounting 2 modules to mounting plate. 5.25"H x 19"W x 2.25"D.
    976401TFX Remote Operator Control Panel (UK supply) with fire control module and blank module (order back box separately)
    976402TFX Remote Operator Control Panel (UK supply) with fire control module and operator display module (order back box separately).
    976403TFX Remote Operator Control Panel (UK supply) with fire control module and 16-indicator module (order back box separately).
    976404TFX Backbox (UK supply) for Remote Operator Control Panel (for semiflush mounting)
    976413505SDA/RM Agent Releasing Kit (UK supply) - Panel Mount. Includes 976377, 976259, 9976263, 976268 and 976250.
    976414506SDA/RM Agent Releasing Kit (UK supply) - Remote Mount. Includes 976378, 976258, 976268, 976250.
    976416TFX Backbox (UK supply) for Remote Operator Control Panel (for surface mounting)
    976422TFX-400 2-loop Control Panel (Grinnell branded) (UK supply) - space for up to 17AH batteries. Order batteries and 910691 Battery Fuse Assembly separately.
    990.001.00155000-600 Optical Detector (Apollo Series XP95)
    990.001.00255000-300 Conventional Optical Smoke Detector (Apollo Series 60)
    990.001.00458000-600 Discovery Optical
    990.001.00558000-400 Discovery Standard Heat
    990.001.01155000-400 Standard Temperature Detector (Apollo Series XP95)
    990.001.01255000-100 Conventional Heat Detector Grade 1 (Apollo Series 60)
    990.001.01355000-101 Conventional Heat Detector Grade 2 (Apollo Series 60)
    990.001.01455000-102 Conventional Heat Detector Grade 3 (Apollo Series 60)
    990.001.01555000-103Conventional Heat Detector Range 1 (Apollo Series 60)
    990.001.01655000-104 Conventional Heat Detector Range 2 (Apollo Series 60)
    990.001.01755000-401 High Temperature Detector
    990.001.01853521-221 Apollo Series 30 Grade 1 60°C
    990.001.01953531-212 Apollo Series 30 Grade 3 75°C H
    990.001.02155000-500 Ionisation Detector (Apollo Series XP95)
    990.001.02255000-200 Conventional Ionisation Smoke Detector (Apollo Series 60)
    990.001.05145681-210 Detector Base c/w Card (Apollo Series XP95)
    990.001.05245681-200 Standard Base (for Apollo Series 60 Detectors)
    990.001.05345681-201 Diode Base (for Apollo Series 60 Detectors)
    990.001.05553546-016 Air Sampling Unit (Apollo Series XP95)
    990.001.05655000-818 Input/Output Unit (Apollo Series XP95)
    990.001.05755000-810 Switch Monitor Unit (Apollo Series XP95)
    990.001.05855000-813 Zone Monitor Unit (Apollo Series XP95)
    990.001.05955000-823 Sounder Control Unit (Apollo Series XP95)
    990.001.06045681-321 Apollo 20D Isolator Base
    990.001.06145661-202 Series 60 SAVWIR Base (Apollo)
    990.001.062XP95 Base Black c/w Card
    990.001.063RIL S30/60/90 (Apollo)
    990.001.06455000-261 XP95 Sounder High Power
    990.001.06555000-809 XP95 Switch Monitor Plus
    990.001.06655000-819 Line Powered Output Module
    990.001.06758000-500 Discovery Ionisation Detector
    990.002.00255000-910 Manual Callpoint Red - Fire (Apollo Series XP95)
    990.002.00355000-950 XP95 Weatherproof Callpoint
    990.003.00255000-700 Loop Isolator
    990.003.003XP95 Loop Sounder (No Cap)
    990.003.05245681-211 Isolator Base (Apollo Series XP95)
    997613040x2 Indicator Module Kit (UK supply) with 940502 MPIM
    997613240 Status Control Module Kit (UK supply) with 940502 MPIM. Red LEDs are removable for easy selection of LED color. Order LED kits separately if other colors required. 1 Front Module space.
    997613416 Status Control Module Kit (UK supply) with 940502 MPIM. Red LEDs are removable for easy selection of LED color. Order LED kits separately if other colors required. 1 Front Module space
    997613680 Indicator Module Kit (UK supply) with 940502 MPIM. MPIM addresses ONLY red portion of 80 Bi-color (red and yellow) LEDs. 1 Front Module space.
    997613780 Indicator Module Kit with (UK supply) (2)940502 MPIMs. MPIMs address BOTH red and yellow portion of 80 Bi-color (red and yellow) LEDs. 1 Front Module space.
    A152034451E Fixed Temperature Detector
    A152045451E Rate of Rise Temperature Detector 12V
    A152056424 Optical Beam Detector
    A18203B501 Standard Mounting Base
    A18204SMK400 Surface Mount Kit for 12V Detector
    AFA3014CXB/5 5W Xenon Beacon
    ROSHRDSR12V Electronic Sounder H/W

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